Recommend a small fair-isle project

Hi All,

I have 1 ball of pink and 1 ball of green Cashsoft that I would like to do something with. I’m looking for a small fair isle project to use them in. I’m new to fair-isle but want to try with a hat, socks, bag, or something little. Anyone have any ideas? (fyi, i’m not into pirates)

What about something like this?

You might be able to modify it to use up your yarn.

how about this

Thanks for the links! I would really like to try the Philosopher’s Wool pattern, once I figure out how to do it with just 2 colors.

I know you don’t have enough to make a whole vest, but here is a two-color fair isle pattern, just to borrow the motif…would you have enough to make a pillow?

Again, here is a very simple check pattern, to use as a motif on a hat or pillow.

Oooooo! I like that fair isle purse! Thanks for that link!

Also if there is a baby you can gift this to, it looks like a good beginner pattern.