Recommend a router?

I am having trouble with my wireless internet. First I replaced my router. it then caused my wireless card on my laptop to go nuts. So then I replaced my wireless card. Still dropping my internet. So i replaced my modem.

I talked to my internet provider and they said they can see my modem. They think its my router. I have to keep rebouting the whole system. and repairing the connection. It gets REALLY frustrating when I am trying to work from home so I end up having to go to the office during the weekend.

The modem is a d-link. The wireless card is a d-link and the router is an airlink.

By the way I also replaced the wireless card twice. the second wireless card works better. so I have come to the conclusion that its the router that is failing but I am not sure what to get.

any suggestions would be great!! thanks

A while back, I had a lot of internet problems. The cable company had to come and completely change out the line to the house. Plus, they had to take me off of a splitter at the main box. Something like that may be the culprit.

hmm interesting. I do know the lines in my townhouse are old. circa 1985. they did mention they are trying to work with the HOA to get them all replaced in the entire complex.

I will talk with them again to see if they can make that happen.

We had trouble with D-link, but so far so good on Linksys.

Linksys and Netgear are the best routers. We’ve had a few Linksys now and have the best luck with them. Whenever I search for wireless connections, I see a bunch of Linksys wherever I go. They must be pretty good if I can get their signal from the neighbors and we’re not packed in THAT close to the neighbors!


I also had a D-Link, I cannot say enough bad words about the equipment and the company. I now have Belkin, works just fine.

I gave up on the whole router, modem thing. I had cable internet and went thru 2 modems and 2 routers and it still never really worked right all the time. Cable always said it was either the router or the modem and both the router and modem companies always said their stuff was fine, it must be the other.

I gave up April 15th when…yup, you guessed it, I’m a procrastinator. I couldn’t get my internet up long enough to file my taxes.:wall:

My cable company said, and I quote: It MIGHT be a problem just in your area; give it about an hour and try again:grrr:

I called Verizon (my cell phone provider) and asked about their air card, went down with my laptop and picked it up (free, by the way) and they installed it for me. I came home, filed my taxes and haven’t looked back! :woot:

I LOVE IT…no router, no modem, no hassle!..I won’t ever go back if I can help it!:thumbsup:

had same linksys router forever now, run 2 desktops and 1 laptop from it, no probs.


You know, the cable company gave me the runaround for a long time too…until it went out for a few days, and I had major exams and papers due…online college classes…

I called and talked to a manager who gave me her cell phone number and stayed in touch until the problem was finally resolved.

And no, it wasn’t the modem or the router. They had to come out and do hard work…dig the new cable back into the ground. THAT was what they wanted to avoid.

But, now no more phone calls from me!

Oh, and I have an air card through Sprint, but that’s for when I travel or take my laptop to subbing jobs. But you’re right…no hassle, that’s for sure. However, the cable modem is much, much faster.

You should try a new router to verify that it isn’t the problem. I’m not a big fan of Linksys products but they do work fine. I just prefer Belkin or Westell as I’ve had better luck with them. If a new router doesn’t solve the problem then that gives you the ammunition you need to insist that they come out and check the line.

Also, if the new router doesn’t solve the problem you simply return it for a refund. No big deal and you’ll know for sure whether it is or isn’t the problem.

my Dh works for Time warner… here’s what we have in our house:

  1. Signal booster for the main line. We have 4 televisions, plus the black cable modem and a wireless router coming off of it. Ask them to send a tech out (wait a week depending on if you’re in an area hit by this nasty ice storm)

  2. We have a Netgear wireless router. Also make sure it’s up high so the signal isn’t interfered with. clutter around your wireless router as well as having it too close to your boxes and behind the televisions will interfere with the signal.

  3. If you have time warner cable, ask for a couple of their USB wireless adapters. they’re also netgear. I got mine to work REALLY well by taping it to the wall as high up as the USB adapter cord will go (thus once again eliminating any interferrance).