Recognizing stitches

I am making a shawl for a nursing home resident using the two colored bee stitch pattern.

My problem is when I get distracted I forget if I just knit 1 or k1b.
I am tired of counting from the beginning of the row to see what stitch is next.

Is there a visual way of knowing? Any tips?


I had to look this one up. I knew the name but couldn’t remember the stitch. I tried a small sample on 17 sts. I find that the k1b st looks different on the back. It has two strands of yarn. The normal k1 has only one. By looking at the back of the last stitch worked I could tell which I had done. HTH

Thank you so very much! How kind of you to even knit a sample!
They say this type of pattern is enjoyed by the residents in homes. Colourful and with texture. I hope to make many.

Happy knitting!

You’re welcome. Does what I said make sense? Back when I first started knitting this stitch got the better of me. I’ve intended to try it again and today was the day. Thanks for asking.

It sure made sense, and I am on row 4 of my shawl! I can’t believe I never thought to look at the back of the stitches.
You tube has lots of videos to show exactly how to do it, and has the bee stitch. Also on you tube.

So glad you got something out of my question.
Enjoy!! Too hot to be outdoors…air cond and knitting
Perfect combo.