Recognize this stitch?

I made this sweater many years ago (and a matching blanket) but no longer have the pattern. I’m trying to find one like it. I tried “Honeycomb” but the patterns I found are not this one–they’re more difficult. This is an easy one. I thought one of you ladies might recognize it. Thanks in advance for your help.

BTW, DS in photo will be 30 next January!!

I knit this “honeycomb” washcloth recently, and the stitch pattern looks similar.

Beautiful sweater!

Thanks Amber. :smiley:

I saw that pattern too and it does look like the one in the photo but it isn’t that difficult. I was a very new knitter at the time (and still am since I stopped knitting for the years between then and now) and wouldn’t have tackled anything that difficult.

I notice the dishcloth pattern is written for two colors but the photo appears to be all in one color. Did you do yours in two colors?

Well bummer! I was hoping that would help. I hope you can find out what it is.

I knit my washcloth in some varigated Sugar’nCream yarn. I was really just messing around – wanted to try out the stitch pattern – but it came out pretty nice. Once I figured out what KUL meant (thanks to Ingrid), it was really very easy!

Could it bethis in one color? Looks very similar to me!

I’m no help with the stitch, but that is a great photo.

could it be something like that?

Or maybe trellis stitch?

That does looks similar and it looks easy enough. I just may go with it. Mulene the links you sent look similar too but I think they’re more difficult than this was–they are very attractive though. Thank you both for your help.

Indian Princess thanks for the compliment on the photo. He was such a happy, smiley baby and his Dad did a terrific job of photo documenting both of our sons’ young years. This pic just makes me want to kiss those pudgy little toes that are sticking out of the blanket.