Recognize this stitch pattern?

I have a few balls of varigated yarn for a scarf.
Not knowing the brand I am guessing worsted weight as there were no labels on the clearance balls.
Does anyone recognize this type of stitch? :knitting:
[B]Morehouse Farm Variegated Knit-Purl Scarf KnitKit [/B]

The pattern looks very much like their earlier Chocolate Bar Scarf kit pattern which is basically k1, p1; next row: p1,k1 then knit two rows to make the garter stitch definition…continue until scarf is whatever length you want.


My cast on…should be even or odd stitches…and to keep a nice edge that won’t curl…slip the first stitch if it is a knit stitch?

On the picture you indicated I counted 29 knit stitches, so k29 and p28 for a total of 67 stitches. Website says #5 or #6 needles. After casting on I’d knit 2 rows of garter stitch then k1, p1 row, etc., and end with 2 rows of garter stitch before binding off.

Yes, slipping the first stitch gives a neat edge.

Please show a photo of your scarf before you go to far so we can see if I gave you proper directions :aww:.


I am going to write out your instructions, and then start it up.
thank you.
I meant to ask…cast on 28
knit 2 rows,
row 1, K1, P1
row 2, P1, K1
end with knit two rows…
when I start to do P1, K1,I will not slip the first Purl, is this correct…

[quote=when I start to do P1, K1,I will not slip the first Purl, is this correct…[/quote]

Hmm…No. I’d add an extra stitch to the beginning and one on the end so you can start each row with a slip then K1, P1, or P1, K1. When you get to the last stitch knit it. (Slip the first stitch and knit the last stitch in every row.)


[color="#330099"]Ah, I think you want an odd number of stitches so the alternating row will make a rib interrupted by the two rows of garter.

Is that what you were looking for on the two scarves mentions?’

I also think the chocolate bar scarf is the stitch same pattern as the one used in the “Variegated Knit-Purl Scarf.”

I always thought it was funny how these yarn places had so many different patterns, then when I took to examining the patterns (or stitches from photos) I realized the reuse the stitch patterns with different yarns (or color patterns) and just give it a new name.

But, that is just better for independent designers.