Recipes for pheasant

I have 3 pheasant breast fillets but im realy not sure how to cook them.
all the recipes i find seem to be for meat on the bone or for whole birds. I have to admit im not even sure what the basic techniques for cooking pheasant are. can it be roasted, baked fried or put in a cassarole. How does it look when cooked, what sort of colour should it be inside?
any recipes or tips for cooking pheasant?

sorry about all the questions!

Well I searched on Google and see what you mean. You can always take a bone-in recipe and follow it for ingredients and just adjust the cooking times a bit, like you would with bone in chicken vs chicken breasts. I saw several recipes with cranberry sauce/jelly and pomegranate seeds. (YUM!),16916,17521&title=pheasant

These looked good to me too and touch on cooking method, and temperatures for doneness. (Is that a word?)

Hope that helps, ENJOY, it all sounds REALLY tasty!!

It really REALLY depends.
Are these store bought pheasant or hunted pheasant?
Since they’re breasted out I’ll assume hunted by someone who thinks plucking takes too long. If they are hunted pheasant, are they wild or pen raised (probably pen raised this time of year if they’re fresh)? Are they shot up or “lead free”?
Also how they were handled after the shot affects the flavor and thus the recipe.

Slice off a small piece, cook it and taste to see what you think would go good. Your nose, eyes and mouth can take you farther than a recipe can.

It’s basically a low fat chicken (although I’ve had pen raised that were as fat as any chicken).
Treat it like chicken with the knowledge that it will tend to dry out faster.

(I’ve seen recommendations that pheasant should be pink but I can’t bring myself to eat pink fowl of any kind. I cook it until the juices run clear.)

My SiL did a good one with chicken breast fillets that would go good with pheasant. It was something like pan fried/roasted with butter and some spices (sorry but that’s how my cooking is, very seat of the pants, spur of the moment).
Lemon grass, chamomile, parsley or chervil would probably go good.

One that seems to be “ol’ reliable” for all hunters and all small game.
Put a layer of rice in a casserole dish, put the meat in, layer a little more rice, some cream of mushroom soup and water. Cover and bake.
It’s not bad but I think it takes away the flavor of the meat.

If they’re shot up beyond all recognition I’d boil them into soup. Break them apart well and the shot will sink to the bottom of the pot.

thanks for those. they were wild hunted birds. i got them a little over a month ago and ate one and froze the others.
thats good to know about the chicken … i am very much a ‘see what will taste good at the time’ sort of cook myself … im just no good at sticking to a recipe. after all its my palate, i know what it likes!

Check “The Joy of Cooking,” preferably an older edition. It’s got basic directions for cooking every imaginable variety of game, hunted or farmed. Your library probably has it.

I thought for sure one of my patients would know the answer to this today (she is writing a game cookbook) but apparently pheasant is “too much like chicken” to make it into her cookbook. Now if you even want to make rattlesnake, gopher, squirrel, or mountain lion she’s got recipes. Gotta love the country :teehee:

i never considered rattlesnake … im not sure they sell it in my ocal market!:teehee:

pheasant is like chicken i guess, in that it is a bird. but thats like saying pork is like lamb!
i ended up converting a lamb cassarole recipe and it turned out deliciously.