Recently FO's - Fiber Trends felted cap and socks

I have done a lot more than this, but didn’t get a chance to take pics of most of my holiday presents before I gave them to their recipients. The cap is for my Dad’s b-day this week, but I still need to sew the buttons on to hold the earflap panel up. The socks are made with Plymouth Sockotta in an eyelet fake cable pattern. I must say that I don’t enjoy wearing the cotton blend of the Sockotta as much a I enjoy wearing my mostly wool socks, it just feels a bit too “bumpy” on my feet. Wearable, but just not as nice on my feet.

Nice job on both. The hat looks like it will be really warm.

The socks are pretty. :heart: I agree about the yarn, but I have washed mine several times and they are growing on me :teehee: . They are holding up very well.

Those are awesome!

Great job! I love the hat - what a great idea - very windproof I imagine! :thumbsup:

I made that same hat for my Husband Curtis, but I still have to post a post felting picture of the hat. Picture of this pre felt is in my blog. Awesome job!!!

Very nice job on both! I have a different felted hat pattern that I want to try.

That’s too bad about the bumpiness of the socks - they are beautiful.

I really like the hat. I should make that for my dad.

Your socks are very cute too.

Thanks everyone!

Those look great! :cheering:

those are awesome! :slight_smile: