Recently Finished Projects (Archive-the birth of this forum)

javede, i don’t think your links are working. i can’t see your pics!

oh, and thanks jivewhistle!

i added a felt flower to it:

this is the pattern i used:

i changed the handle, obviously, and i used different yarn than the cascade 220 called for, but the pattern is super easy and fast.

Gorgeous stuff! Thanks for sharing.

The last thing I finished was actually a baby sweater and hat, but since I finished it on a plane to NYC just seconds before seeing the recipient, I don’t have a picture!

My last FO before that was the dog sweater below for my lovely little Willow.

The pattern is from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I’m very proud of how it turned out since I substituted a totally different weight yarn AND my pup is a bit odd-sized (sort of like her mom :smiley: ).


So I’m goingto dominate this space for a moment. When I found out that my partner’s son had a digital camera, I started taking pictures of everything I knitted. Now, I can finally put them to use! By the way, the blue scarf and the flapper hat are crochet–newly learned!

up close…

oh my god, this is great. I love it, all the pix. Good work on this posting!

Here’s two pictures (I can’t believe I can finally post them)
I’m just finishing the 2nd sock and am dpn addicted. I want to that hat you did Yellow… it’s gorgeous. And I love the fingerless gloves/wrist warmers? They look like the Peace Fleece green I used on my sock.

And I love those purple slippers wow!

And other stuff tooo ha Vic

oh oh oh, I have GOT TO KNIT A TEDDY BEAR now!

Hope it’s not too hard?

Oh, also, Tammy, that is a precious dog and picture.

Is thaht whacko scarf knit lengthwise? Whenever I see scarves like that, I want to knit them, but I’m not sure how to go about it. Cast on a gagillion stitches on a circular and just knit back and forth that way?
In any case, it’s geor-gee-ous!

Mascara Snake (what a name! )

I don’t know if this is that copyright infringement thing but I altered the pattern so… where do stand?

Anyhoo, I did a take off on a pattern from KNitting Made Easy that was for a big wraparound shawl, but ended it when it was narrower so it’d be a scarf not shawl.

It’s SUPER EASY as long as you don’t mind circulars. I used a size 11 circular. You cast on 150 stitches and k1 row, p1row according to colors you have and like. It’s reallly neat to knit lengthwise instead of the regular width wide most scarves are done in. Oh yeah, each time you start a new color you leave a long piece like 12" or so that creates the fringe. Then you knot some of those fringes together, like 3, I braided some. It was my first time knitting on a circular and length wise and a lot of fun.

I ended up buying a scarf like this that reaches to the ground, from my lys for $50! It’s even more beautiful than mine.

Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:

By the way, is there a pattern for those fantastic fun purple slippers?
They’re so cute!

Thanks for the info…that’s kind of how I figured you’d go about it, but sometimes I still don’t trust myself…
The slipper pattern came from here:

I added the furry stuff cuz they were for my partner’s 7-year old daughter who is obsessed with all things pink and frilly. Hee.

i finished a bunny for my youngest daughter’s easter basket. it is from “last-minute knitted gifts”, though i’m really glad i didn’t wait till last minute!

I so love bunnies. I want one - they are too cute amigarbita!

CUUUUUUUUUTE AmiG! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

It’s great to see what everyone’s working on! LOVE that scarf, Victoise, just so luscious. Love the hats MascaraSnake, both of them. Lots of great stuff on this thread!! I know there’s other stuff I wanted to compliment. Thanks for sharing everyone!

Sorry I’m slacking…I’ll get some pics of my own stuff up soon. Love this Finished-Projects thread! (and the Works-In-Progress thread too!)


[color=indigo][/color]Hi, everyone,
I made 5 of the 2 ponchos shown in the pic, for 5 of my 6 grandaughters for Christmas - boy, what a ‘mission’ but I did manage to finish them! I also made my youngest grandaughter, 2, the Ragg Sweater from Smartyarns; she just loves the ‘love-yous’ all over it!
Lynn in NZ

Nice ponchos Lynn!

Okay, here’s my most recent project. The felted Fuzzy Feet slippers from (great free pattern!).

The picture shows the before and after felting. The before one is of a second pair I’m making. I made the cuff about twice as long in the un-felted one, and with the same purple yarn as the foot, but otherwise they’re the same size, and mostly the same yarn, that purple color. Mountain Mohair yarn, I think it’s called, a wool-mohair blend. Made for VERY Fuzzy Feet, with all the mohair sticking out! (The white fuzzy stuff in the felted slipper. Makes it appear a lighter shade of purple than before felting!)

Felting took about 1/2 hour of agitation in the washing machine. I used hot water, a little soap, and (very important) two pairs of jeans, to help the agitation and felting process. The hot water was especially nice when I kept trying on the wet slippers, to see if they were felted enough! :slight_smile:

Oh, I love the bunny! I have to try that myself(list of things I want to knit gets longer and longer and…)
I recently finished another hat and a matching scarf with fringes. And it proofes I was right! Cause like a week ago I was at my favorite LYs and the owner asked me if I didn’t wanted to start a summer/spring project, because surely it would be soon getting warmer everyday…
guess what, it has been snowing the last days and more snow to come!

Here are two sweaters I made.

Yay! I justfinished a marathon crocheting and knitting session. The onesieis from “Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies” and the booties are from “Simple Knits for Cherished Babies.” My friend who lives halfway across the country is past her due date and going into labor any minute, so I wanted to get it outas soon as possible. Whew! Ilove this Lorna Laces yarn–and it only took one and half skeins for all of it!