Recently Finished Projects (Archive-the birth of this forum)

I left one of the needles for my most primary project at a friends house (some of you may know I work lots of projects at once), so I’ve had some time to start new projects (see, “What’cha knittin’?” thread) and finish some others.

Here’s a shot of the projects I’ve cranked out while waiting for my needle’s return:

  1. Gray scarf - elongated stitch pattern posted by Amy (detail on patterns page) - fuzzy acrylic and mohair

  2. Green square - pot holder with mock cable ribbing I’ve been using in the kitchen with trailing, unfinshed ends :slight_smile: - acrylic

  3. Green rectangles - fingerless mits (to the knuckle with thumb hole) - 75% lambs wool 25% merino wool

  4. green/blue/purple square - funky cabled/seed stitch hat that has peaks to the side that are either cat ears or devil horns, you decide… - acrylic

  5. Black hat - beenie I made the BF that needs minor felting for sizing/stretch correction - 100% Peruvian baby alpaca

:shock: Wow…you’re good…

Love 'em all esp. the wrist warmers.


Your very good… I like all of them but my favorite one is the Green/Blue/Purple square. I love the colors.

How long have you been knitting? Don’t tell me a month!!! :wink:

I love the purple thing!

blush Aw, shucks… Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I’ve been knitting on and off since I was a little girl… about 20 years (I’m young yet).

But I want to see your projects too! People often post them burried in other posts, or link to blogs… It would be nice to see a thread where they’re all sort of centralized… And there’s got to be more stuff out there yet! Hats, scarves, socks…

I’ve been too busy frogging to get anything done. I thought that my sweater could be neater so froggy froggy.

Knitting for 20 years. Wonderful, you lucky girl. I envy those of you that have knitted since you were youngsters.

Keep up the beautiful work. How lucky your Children will be to have a Mom who can teach them to knit.

I’m in agreement with everyone else, beautiful work!

Here are a few scarves I’ve done since Christmas.
Pattern and yarn from l to r:

Indiecita Lace Scarf, Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush

Drop Stitch /w some variation, Sirdar’s ‘Bigga’

My So Called Scarf, Wool in the Woods. I just finished this and still need to add some fringe, I think. :wink:

Feather and Fan, Noro Kochoran

Now c’mon ladies (and gents, if you’re out there)…share some pics of your beautiful creations!

Yellowness, I love your projects!! And Peg, I just love your scarves!! I really need to find a scarf pattern and get some yarn and just make something already. I have no problem making a ton of scarves as my first projects :smiley: I’d like to make some hats too, but I think I will just wait until I have circ’s and dpn’s before I start on that. I am really liking the lace scarf though!!!

here’s some pics of recent work done:

a shrug, the back:

and front (my expression is priceless):

bobbibear (i posted this before):

a felt bag my daughter is modeling:

Those scarves are beautiful…!

And the funky hat (purple/green/blue thing) was origionally designed for working on strait needles (I changed the pattern a great deal and used dpns). I’ve another hat I made a while ago that is also made for strait needles.

In fact, I can think of at least 4 patterns I’ve found on line and in books made on st needles… So, the hat world is your oyster!

Yellowness, whenever you have some time, could you post the links to hats you made using straight needles? I would really appreciate it!!

And Amigarabita, I just LOVE that felted bag!! I can’t wait to try one of those :smiley:

Here’s a picture of my first projects beyond squares and rectangles–two hats I just finished. You can barely see the little hat in the picture–it’s being worn by my cat. :smiley: You can barely see the cat against my husband’s coat, too.

I guess he’ll have to wait until we go up north again to wear the hat though–we’re running the air conditioning here in Houston! :wink:

It is so fun seeing what everyone else is doing. This is one of the first hats I’ve ever made. It’s from a Debbie Bliss Easy Baby Knits book. Very easy. Deb

What an Adorable hat. I need to find some baby things to knit for my great nephew to come. I have put it off so long I only have a month. Knit, knit, knit.

Is that the name of the book? I am getting desperate!


I messed up the name. It is actually Baby Knits for Beginners, Debbie Bliss, 2003. I originally checked it out of the library, but I liked it so much I bought it. I’ve made 3 of these little hats. They are quick and easy.

I hope you find the book. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. What size needles did you use? Is there a diaper wrap in the book? I just saw one online, but the pattern was $13 for one pattern. I could buy wraps for that!

I need to make more hats I wear this one all the time:)
The cashmere I made this sweater for me for christmas Hubby bought me the yarn I love presents:D
Hildy from VT

Since winter is coming back around here, I made some hats, scarves and arm warmers. All really basic designs.
First a hat with a crocheted flower and matching arm warmers.

Second a Poncho/Capelet which is not really finished cause I have to weave in the ends

Last a hat and a scarf in really soft yarn. Actually it’s not really finished too. You can’t see it in this pic, but the hat is a bit too short(doesn’t nearly cover my ears :wink: )

Edit: I don’t know why the pictures don’t show up here. Just copy and paste them
Edit:or better look at the attachments :smiley: