Recent Problems with KP Needles?

Hi! I don’t want to start another thread about interchangeable needles, but I’m considering (again) trying a set of either KP Options (probably nickel) or Addi Clicks. I know that people have had issues with the options, but I hadn’t found anyone posting about problems in the last 6-12 months. I was wondering, has anyone had issues who bought the needles in the last year or so? I was thinking maybe they managed to eliminate some of the problems. I just don’t want to get something and have it breaking all the time. Has anyone heard of the Addi Clicks breaking? Just curious. Thanks so much!! Maybe someday I’ll actually be able to contribute instead of just asking questions. :slight_smile:

Just this year I ordered the Try It pack from KP and I love them. I was using the acrylic needles on something and the very tip of the needle broke off leaving a flat tip. I emailed KP about it what needle it was, and the size and they sent me a brand new pair of that type of needle, no questions asked. I haven’t had any problems with the KP needles other than that one time. I do not have an experience with the Addi Clicks so I can’t answer your questions about those.

I have the KP O’s acrylics. I really like them, and I have had only one small issue with one tip spinning in its’ setting, but it was kind of my fault for twisting too hard (the wrong way). I just put a tiny dab of glue, smoothed it real well, and you can’t even tell, and that was several months ago, and I only use my KP O’s now. No other problems.

I have the KP Options Harmony Wood needles. My size 4 and 5s are thin, so you do have to be a little careful with them. To be fair, one accidentally got sat on and the kid stepped on one because I stupidly set the work down on the floor. KP sends you a replacement set right away with no questions asked. Their customer service is excellent.

When I’m actually knitting with them, they’re fine. I haven’t had any problems with the cables coming loose. I like KP’s thicker cables. They retain their memory and don’t kink up. I don’t know about Addi’s interchangeable set, but I didn’t like their fixed circulars at all. The needles are great, but it’s the cables that stink. They kink up and tangle badly. I spent half my knitting time trying to straighten them out. I thought they were expensive and just not worth the hype. That’s why I switched to KP. Like Breeze, KP is the only ones I use now. I got spoiled on the pointy tips that make knitting easier and faster.

Anyone can have problems with any needles. The majority of people do not. However, if you do they have excellent customer service. A couple times I had a needle not screw on properly or the cable come out and they replace them promptly.

I think when the options first came out there were some problems with how the tips were seated in the fixture that screws into the cord. But they were good about resolving that issue and replacing needles. I got a tip and cord a couple years ago that are fine, and just received some tips and a cord which are working out great.

I bought my KP Options nickel plated almost exactly a year ago and they have been fantastic. I have had only one issue-- one join on one cable is “sticky.”

I also bought the KP Options “Try It” pack and I’ve been using them for about a month. The only issue I’ve seen so far is that my size 6 Harmony tips are so slim, I have a very slight ridge at the join that occasionally snags my work. I bought some size 6 acrylics at the same time and they don’t seem to have the issue so maybe I just got a flawed set, I might be sending them back if it becomes a problem, so far it isn’t.

I have both the regular Addi Clicks and the Addi Lace Clicks set, and haven’t had any problems with any of the needles in any set. I love them!

Both types of interchangeables have their PLUSSES and MINUSES! For the money, KP is your best bet. I’ve had a few issues, gotta admit…but things were taken care of quickly.

If you are ever using the really extra long cables with KP Options, be [U]careful careful carefu[/U]l how hard you tug on your knitting (as with a blanket). You can pop that cable right out of the metal part. Oy. What a mess that is!

I have not had any Addi Clicks come apart AT ALL. However, I’ve had really snaggy joins on sizes US 4, 5, 6. I read that Addi is trying to fix this problem. For the money, it’s quite annoying to have a less-than-perfect quality!