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So Here’s some socks I made with Magic Stripes sock yarn. I just ran out of yarn so one is shorter than the other. :rollseyes: THen my candle flame shawl is just about outgrowing these cirs and it looks like it’s time to get some 60 inchers going. then I’m almost done with my first toe up sock on Lornas laces. THat whole gusset, heel turning thing is really counter intuitive for me. THanks goodness I met some folks doing toe up at the Yarn Harlot last week so I could actually see how to do it. It’s like writing with my left hand when I’m naturally a righty. It hurt my brain. I got a bruise on my brain and everything, wanna see?

You know I’m loving the socks! But, your shawl is just too GORGEOUS!!! It’s on my list of shawls to knit, too!!!

they are looking great- I dig the sock colors- I’d wear those all the time! and the shawl is just lovely

I agree. Those sock colors are fun! And the shawl is beautiful.

Thanks for the glowing comments. I :heart: making this shwal. It’s just enuf to keep your mind busy but not so hard you want to cut yer head off. It’s the perfect meditation. The yarn is SWS in Natural Pinnk. It’s so soft and silky it’s like knitting with very thin roving mmmmmmmmmmm

Both projects are wonderful! I love the yarn you are using for the shawl. Patons SWS is so great to work with!!

Very cook socks! That shawl though. Hmmmmmmmmm. I really like the way that yarn knits up! Beautiful work.

i love the shawl :heart::heart::heart: so much…It’s turning out beautiful! And the socks - rrrrrrrrr…

love the socks - great color!

your shawl looks great so far too. very pretty!

Your shawl is BEAUTIFUL … you HAVE to put the “10 stitch row” edge on it! It really is easy :slight_smile:

So is it basically just doing garter stitch and picking up one stitch each time you knit to the edge of the shawl?


Your work looks great! :cheering:

Go to the candle shawl knit along and follow Contiknit’s picture instuctions … they are wonderful!

that shawl is absolutely stunning! I missed it - what yarn is that?

also what colorway is the LL that you are using on the socks?

:inlove: gorgeous, all of them! great job! :cheering:

the Lorna’s… so yummy! which colorway is that?

:blush: that shawl is magnificent!

The socks are beautiful. I love the color stripes.

The shawl is also beautiful. Do you know where I can purchase the pattern for the shawl?


LOVELY on both counts!!!

I love the shwl yarn!!!

I think this may be the pattern for the shawl
Candle Flame Shawl pdf file

Candle Flame Shawl URL

Feministmama, it’s like you’re reading my mind…or my “to knit list” ;). I love the Candle Shawl and am dying to make it. I also have some Magic Stripes exactly that color I’m dying to make into socks.

Loooooooove all your FOs!!!:cheering: