Recent FO - blanket, scarves, pants, shorts

blanket i made for my 2 month old son

some recent scarves (hard to tell but the left one is black eyelash yarn)

shorts for my son

and pants that i made him (black with red trim and red i-cord)

Very nice work! The baby is adorable in his knitted pants! They are probably nice and warm!

v cute shorts!

You are just a knitting goddess! I love the blanket especially, and everything is FABULOUS! The little warmers are so adorable, as is that baby!

i dont know about goddess! haha, but i will accept it!

i have been knitting for years (my aunt taught me about 7 years ago) but only in the past few months (while on sick leave with my pregnancy) did i knit anything other than dishcloths and scarves!

ETA: is there any chance I can get “knitting goddess” under my name instead of “casting on” hahaha

What a lot of nice things! Something about that pair of black and orange pants on that little guy makes me think of kung fu or karate or one of those martial arts. :slight_smile:

Beautiful job on everything!!! Those pants are just too cute!

So many wonderful items! How do you find time to knit with such a cutie in the house?

Great job on everything. Love the blanket and your baby is adorable.

i knit when he sleeps, or is having alone time in his swing…

plus i had to go off work at 6 months pregnant so i had lots of time!


oh the baby is cute in his pants …its as if he is is preparing for a ‘Karate’ session …i want to hug him …so sweet …thnks

I do love the blanket especially. Did you make it in squares and sew it together? Or did you just knit it that way in one piece?

i knit the squares individually… that way as my baby grows if he wants the blanket larger i can just ad more squares

or if he drags it around outside and part rips i can just replace a square

always thinking ahead with a boy!

aww he is a cutie! Everything looks wonderful :happydance:

Everything looks so nice! And your baby is so cute!