Recent Finished Objects

Well, I can knit again, so I sort of went nuts and knit constantly :slight_smile: Here is a pair of hand warmers (that’s what I’m calling them now :stuck_out_tongue: ) I made to match my palindrome hat. It’s just a simple ribbed tube with a thumb tube, no pattern.

And a little stuffed heart that I made for Valentine’s day. Here is the pattern. It’s my first real journey into shaping, decreases and increases and such and I think it turned out pretty well. It’s a bit smaller than it should be because i read the pattern wrong. It asked for size 5mm needles, I read that as size US 5 needles. But it’s still cute :slight_smile:

Great job! Love the handwarmers and you’re right - that heart is just adorable!!

nice work! I need those hand warmers this morning…brrr!

I love them both x

They both look great!! :blooby:

I just love the colourway you used on the gloves . They look great as does the heart.
I am glad that you are on the mend Eccie. :slight_smile:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Great job! I :heart: your :heart:!

Nice work Eccie! I always admire knitters who can wing it and knit neat stuff without a pattern! Good for you, and thanks for sharing!

Both projects look good!

Until a few months ago I’d never used a pattern in my life :slight_smile: I’m just a freeflowing, adventurous kinda chick :teehee:

Very nice work on both projects. :slight_smile: