Reccomend baby wool NOT chemically treated?

Can anyone reccomend a nice, soft baby wool that is NOT chemically treated to be superwash? I’d like to make a traditional norwegian-style baby bunting, but would prefer to use natural wool, or even a mostly wool blend would be OK. Any reccomendations?

I just made a set for a newborn out of Pear Tree merino supersoft. Absolutely lovely to work with, and really soft. Most of the 100% merinos are usually pretty soft, as are the cashmere and cashmere mixes. Silk blends are also very soft.

Just remember to include a label with the finished article so they know how to wash it!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca is actually a 50% wool/50% alpaca blend, but it’s very soft. It comes in worsted weight and sport weight.

It’s one of the few yarns with wool in it (even a small amount of wool usually makes me itch) that I can wear next to my skin.