Rebecca's WIPs

Okay, when I 1st saw the new thread I didn’t post correctly, I was all about it’s a cool idea…and it IS :thumbsup:

KitKat, I am using SouthWest Trading Company’s Karaoke yarn for my clapotis. It’s very cool 50/50 wool/soysilk!

I’ve had to stop knitting my clapotis (right before completion :shock: )bc I ran out of yarn :doh: ! The yarn should be here tomorrow, it was supposed to be here this past Monday! But, since it didn’t arrive I cast on my the next scarf from my project list which is “Branching Out” from Scarf Style. I have ideas for a hat & the fingerless gloves going around in my mind as I knit this scarf…YAY :D! I am using knitpicks’ WOTA in fern.

Here we have clapotis from day 1 to day 4, when I ran out of yarn :shock:


BACKYARD LEAVES…the beginning :wink:
EDIT on 11-23 oops…frogged it & deleted photo…to be continued later this week :wink:

That Clapotis is just so beautiful!!! Two things at once? I read that you had to do that. Is there nothing I can depend on anymore?! :rofling:

They are both beautiful! :thumbsup:

Thanks :smiley:

LOL, that is one of my ‘firsts’ for the KAL! The only reason that I have more than one WIP is because I ran out of yarn on my clapotis & I had ordered some yarn last week (paid for priority mail, I might add!) so that I would have the yarn here when I finished the clapotis & I would be ready to begin the hat & gloves to match. WELL… :shock: I ran out of yarn for the 1st time ever, which was gonna be okay, bc my yarn was supposed to be here Monday & I ran out Sunday…but my yarn won’t be here until FRIDAY!! So, I hat to knit, right?! LOL, I spent Sunday learning to knit 2 small circular items on 2 circs (for upcoming gloves and another 1st for Nov KAL!) and I just had to, really had to knit, so last night I cast on Backyard Leaves…thus, the story of why the MONOGAMOUS knitter has a little on the side :wink:

I cheat on ALL my projects, so a little straying to prevent withdrawal is acceptable. :wink:

Drooool. I love that yarn for Clapotis. It’s gorgeous.

Awesome! I can’t wait to see them finished.

Thank ya’ll all so much :smiley: ! It’s really fun to knit :smiley: . I just :frog: the beginnings of the Backyard Leaves bc I was just not happy with the look of it with 8’s, so I changed to 7’s (as the pattern calls for :doh: ) & I believe I will be happier…if not, I will :frog: it until I am :wink: ! Anyway, I must abandon it for my Clapotis & accessories when the yarn arrives on Friday… :cheering: :cheering: so I will have it to wear for Thanksgiving :wink:

Those colors on your Clapotis are REALLY KILLIN me with the GORGEOSITY!! :heart:

I love the colors! Am I the only one that had to study and study to figure out how the heck day 1 became day 4?? I was soooo confused. Finally decided day 1 just LOOKED bigger. Wait. Don’t tell me if I was the only one. I don’t want to know.

Thanks everyone!
Jouf…LOL, I am thinking it’s the way I cropped the photos, etc…had to stand much further away to get a photo as it got bigger…that’s why I put the mouse on it…LOL…but u r so right :roflhard: :rofling:

What is a clapotis?

:cheering: So pretty!! I love them both really like the backyard leaves I love the leaf look!! :thumbsup:

That’s the name of the pattern…can be found on :thumbsup:

Rebecca –

Both of the projects are gorgeous. I’ve been drooling over that Backyard Leaves pattern, and I love seeing the Karaoke knit up … it’s beautamous!

:smiley: Thanks everyone, you are all too sweet! I’m having loads of fun with each! Although I’ve ripped ‘Backyard Leaves’ a couple of times bc I wasn’t happy with the st defintion, but I think I’ve got it going now, just in time for my yarn to be here to finish the clapotis & accessories…LOL! I do now know that I will be looking forward to continuing the work on ‘Backyard Leaves’…and making hat & gloves to go with it, too :wink: !

usamacka, a clapotis is the type of shawl/scarf that is worn by many of the ladies in France where it is my understanding, that they would never leave home without some type of scarf, no matter the time of year! Sounds wonderful to me bc I LOVE :heart: scarves & shawls :wink:

I think that is really true. When we went to Paris, it seemed like every woman I passed was wearing a scarf.

Kemp, u r just a traveling girl :smiley:

ahh, I feel as though my knitting world is back to the way it should be since I just received my yarn & can finish my clapotis & accessories, then I can fully concentrate on Backyard Leaves of which I frogged bc I still wasn’t happy with the st definition…all will be well when I can give it my undivided attention after completing the clapotis ensemble :wink:

UPDATE :smiley:
Since receiving my yarn today I completed my clapotis this evening :smiley: I have a couple of pics pre-blocking. I was contemplating not blocking it, as some people have said they prefer it unblocked…I’m gonna have to block :thumbsup: ! I won’t be able to block it until Monday when MIL goes home so that I will have the bed that she sleeps on for blocking :shock: …it’s quite large AND warm, I’m wearing it draped around my shoulders as I post :wink:
I used 6 and about 1/8 of the 7th skein of SWTC Karaoke yarn using size 8 needles.
I’m so EXCITED :cheering: :cheering: …I will cast on for the hat tomorrow :smiley: !

Clapotis…day 5/day of completion

[color=indigo]Rebecca, it’s beautiful. I love the yarn. It’s so pretty.[/color]