Rebecca's design "Lonnie's Sport Socks"

On Rebecca’s pattern stitch, she writes:

[color=blue]Slip Stitch Pattern for leg and instep:
Rnd 1: knit all sts
Rnd 2: *slip 1 with yarn in back,
k3; rep from *
Rnd 3: *p1, k3; rep from *
Rnd 4: *slip 1 with yarn in back, p3;
rep from *[/color]

Anyone know if that’s slip as to knit, or slip as to purl? I’m guessing as to knit. but not sure. Thanks!

If a pattern doesn’t specify and just says ‘slip 1’ I usually slip as if to purl - in essence just moving that stitch from the left needle to the right without twisting it or anything. I’m not sure though.

Hey, I haven’t been on here in a while and I popped in at the right time, huh?
I slipped as if to purl.

Thanks for choosing one of my patterns, I’m honored.

Yep, you timed it perfectly! Thank you, Rebecca! I’m planning my after-holiday knitting, and Lonnie’s socks are #1 on my list!

Phil and I are going to the Great Lakes Invitational collegiate hockey tournament on 12-29 and 12-30, and the socks (in gray heather or dusk blue, not sure yet which) will keep me from going bonkers between the games and from watching the zamboni going around, and around, and around, and… :teehee:

:muah: Thanks for choosing one of my designs, you’re a doll! Lonnie LOVES these socks, he said that they are very comfy bc of the slip stitch design (well, he didn’t exactly say that, he just said they felt good made that way and fit well…which is a high compliment coming from a gentleman!).
Please, please allow me to put a photo of your FO in the Knitters’ Gallery on my blog! A girl sent a photo of these socks today that I put in the gallery and they turned out quite well, they were her 2nd or 3rd pair of socks!
Again, I’m honored that you chose them!
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I miss you BUNCHES :muah: :muah: Hope to be around more next year :muah: :muah:

Rebecca, I took a look at Shannon’s lovely socks! Wow! Now I’m debating…maybe I want to do the first pair in a shaded yarn rather than the heather or solid…decisions, decisions!

Rebecca, I miss you!

I just wanted to let you know that I decided to use the gray heather and the socks came out fabulous! Phil loves them and wants to pick out yarn for another pair! Thank you a million!

P.S. I can’t post a picture because I don’t have a camera :verysad: but just imagine perfection and that’s them!