Rebecca Wrap with Sleeves

I have some questions about the sizing of the Rebecca Wrap pattern. On the sleeves is says at 29 (23) cm I should start my increases. It also says that the final sleeve length is 56 cm for both sizes. Does anyone else think this is odd?


It does seem odd. I thought at first that the sleeves should be tight on the arm and poof out above the tight part, but the picture doesn’t look like that. :??

Hi Ingrid,

I spent a while Googling for pics of any completed Rebecca Wraps and I only found one. I also emailed the magazine and they say the pattern is correct as written. Then I found the website that you had posted with the Fisherman’s Rib tutorial (in another post), they also have a forum, so I posted some questions in the English speaking forum. And Kerstin helped me out by posting a scanned pic from the magazine so I could see more of the sweater.

I susbstitued the GGH mohair (too pricey for me) for Colinette mohair which is thicker. I am still using the #8 needle from the pattern. My sleeve is about 1/2" larger than the pattern which fits me very nicely. I love the sweater as is in the picture, but I think an arm that tight would be uncomfy, so I am sticking with my adaptation.

Here is another picture in case anyone else is thinking of making the sweater.


It’s very pretty. I guess my arms are short! :thinking:

Oh Candice I have wanted to make that for almost a year but I get intimidated by the pattern. I absolutely adore that wrap! I"ll have to study the places you suggested & Ingrid’s and give it a go one of these days.
Great work. Post a pic when you get done?