Rebecca, stop posting! HAHAHA I WIN!

:shock: OMGoodness…I didn’t know that was there, or that I was so chatty :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

Aahahahahahahahaha… :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I didn’t mean to do that!!! :roflhard:

snort too funny… :roflhard:

If i erase one does my count go backwards??


Oh no Hilde! Don’t worry…you can catch up over the summer.

Just think…Rebecca doesn’t even have a blog thread to boost here posts either! (now don’t be getting any ideas there rebecca :wink: )

Oh, heavens NO…I don’t want a blog thread…what else would I say… :roflhard: :rofling: I am contemplating starting a blog sometime next year, but, the way I look at it…less time for knitting; then I think…perfect place for all of my knitting notes, patterns, pics…who knows?! …Yoda ask will I :wink:

It is kind of nice to have a place to keep track of your projects along with notes, pics etc.

That’s my thought, I do keep a knitting journal, and I do take photos of projects from beginning to end, so it makes sense to start a knitting blog, but I want one that you can put albums in, I believe that typepad has this kind available, but I haven’t really looked into the cost yet…Sounds like I might be blogging, huh?! :roflhard: :rofling:

Many are free, so I wouldn’t worry about the cost.

Oh yes, I know that there are so many that are free, but I’ve not run across one that actually offers the ability to make many different albums for pictures that’s free…is there one that I don’t know about, bc free is always better :wink: :thumbsup:

Let’s see 6950 to catch Ingrid. Now 24 hours times 60 minutes times 5
days at one per minute. Can it be done??

Don’t think so


From the rear.

lol…welcome Colleen!

Welcome Colleen… :waving: So you plan on catching Ingrid…YOU BETTER GET TO TYPING :wink:
LOL, I’m never gonna finish this scarf if I continue…I’m gone & won’t be back until Backyard Leaves is complete :wink:

Thank you to those who have or will welcome me. Have been lurking for
awhile with a few random posts. I can be a real cut-up. Teachers were
always keeping an eye on me back in high school…

So with this post I am one closer to Ingrid. Ha HA

By tonite she will be 6970 ahead of me. Oh well.

As my husband has been telling me for years- Quality over Quantity.


6971 :roflhard:

Hi Ingrid


Your turn


Bring it on!!! :roflhard: I find it impossible to believe that I’ve posted that many times. Somebody must have turned up my counter when I wasn’t looking. :shifty:

dammit rebecca, you post like EIGHT times in the thread where i asked you to STOP POSTING! :roflhard: No wonder you passed me; we need to work on your “following directions” skills! :slight_smile: :heart: love you anyway :heart:

That is funny, Ingrid…BUT, it’s bc you are quick to answer our MANY questions :smiley: ! And look at me, I lied, said I wouldn’t be back until Backyard Leaves was done…and I haven’t seamed it together…liar I am…but it’s more like…oops :wink:

I just want to point out that rebecca and I had the same time on our last posts. I think she’s trying to be a sniper or something!

Shes figured out how to hack into your computer and set it so that it will tell her everytime that you post so that she can jump in all ninja like and beat you. Just call her Rebecca-son :roflhard:

I am number 43 I’m gaining on Andrea!

She has the Jedi Master on her side!