Rebecca, stop posting! HAHAHA I WIN!

in the soup nazi voice
NO POSTS FOR YOU!!! :fingerwag:

Because then you’re going to pass me on the list and I had a mental breakdown when Kk and Ingrid both did it. Save your poor friend hildie’s sanity, will you??? I just can’t keep up anymore! :pray: Go knit some socks or something! :smiley:

You’ve just got to step it up Hildie!!! :rofling:

well i was trying hard to beat Kemp (and by hard i mean almost not at all :rollseyes: ) until i realized it just wasn’t gonna happen! :wink: but i just checked the list and it appears that this one will put me ahead of EKG… :rofling:

:thinking: my post went to la la land again…

I’m still at # 24 :frowning:

tries to bump herself up to #96 :roflhard: only 8 more posts to go! :roflhard:

I still dont know why y’all worry about this stuff…we ALL contribute so much to this community…each in her/his own way!

I’ll never catch up to ya’ll. I’m a measley little 320 or something.

lol…i don’t think worry is the right word for it…and look at that one there saying she has “only” 300+ in less than TWO months! pfffft…only

are you saying I talk alot??

Hilde - don’t worry. You’re ahead of Amy in the posts…and this is her forum!!!

I was surprised that I’m at least in the top 50. (#46!) :rollseyes:

I’m more the stoic, deep type… quiet but observant :wink:



Okay, obviously I’ve got to read a bit on the current postings bc I click on the posting since you last visit diddy and I see “Rebecca u gotta stop posting” and I think that I’ve done something wrong like posted the same thing 100 times by some freak accident and it’s all just bc Hilde is just tooo slow :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: :roflhard: LOL, I’ve not even been on today, so I must go read the other posts…have I been chatty?

OOPS…my bad…I have been on here a bit earlier today, I forgot :wink:

HH thats cheating you posted the same thing teice!!! :fingerwag:

hey where is this list??? :?? :??

What list?!

On the top, check out ‘memberlist’ and you can sort by number of posts, as well as other things.

I think they’re all referring to the listing of top posters. You can view it by clicking on Memberlist, and then sort by posting and decending…

or am I being REALLY dumb here, and you were being sarcastic? :shock:

She says with over 7000 posts… :rollseyes:

HEYYY! i’m 15!!!

Hey I’m #19! And I’m getting close to 1000! :happydance: