Reattaching Yarn to Continue Knitting in Fingerless Glove Project

I have no idea how to reattach yarn to a project that is in progress. I knitted the thumb gusset, then put the 22 gusset stitches onto a stitch holder, then knitted the palm area round several times. Now I am supposed to reattach the yarn to the thumb gusset and finish the thumb. Im clueless! Please help! Thank you! :grinning:

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Just start knitting with the new end of yarn, leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. The first stitch will be loose but you can always tug on the tail to tighten it up.
This video may help. See particularly 1:38 minutes.

"Reattach yarn and pick up 4 stitches around cast on. Work around hand. On next the row, decrease
away 2 sts. That’s a total of 2 rows worked. "

i now understand reattaching the yarn, but what does the rest of this mean? the wording has me at a loss…

What pattern are you following? This sounds like the hand of the mitts rather than the thumb?

woops it is the hand. not the thumb. but i still had to reattach. i have to reattach in several places.

OK, you have the thumb gusset on a stitch holder and where are you on the hand? Have you knit around the palm and back of the hand yet?
I’m trying to figure out where the cast on is.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?


thats the pattern, i just finished the pinkie and cast off the pinkie. im at the first reattachment
Nice looking gloves.
You cast on 2 sts when you started the pinkie. You want to pick up 4sts in that area. If you just pick up 2sts at the 2 cast on sts, there’ll be a hole on either side. The pattern tells you to pick up 4sts at the cast on and then on the next row decrease by knitting together sts 1&2 and sts 3&4. That’ll minimize the holes.
I found the notes on this project very helpful.

ohhhhh that makes so much more sense! thank you so much!