Reasonable yarn cost?

Ok, so I’m ready to branch out from Walmart’s yarn to something fancier. I have no idea what is reasonable to pay for yarn. Where do you all find your yarn? Do you buy it online? How much should I expect to pay??


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I think the best place to try for good quality, affordable yarn is There is a link to KP website from here - usually at the top of the forum listings.

One other option is to take an “exploratory” trip to a LYS near you, so you can actually feel different fibers, combinations, yarn weights, etc. I suggest you leave your credit card home the first time you go though, LOL :rofl: . It CAN be very addicting!!

Happy Shopping!! :happydance:


Reasonable is what you can afford to pay. Walmart, Joanns, and Michaels…all have some decent yarn. Most LYS yarns are pretty expensive, but they do have sales and even some that are reasonable. Figure out what your budget is and what’s reasonable for you.

The banners here in KH are some good places to look. If you click through the banner ad KH gets a kickback, too. :wink:

It can get pricey! I looked at the yarn that was used for a pattern that I am going to make and it was $38 a skein and to make the size I needed it takes 5 skeins. ouch! It just depends on what the final outcome desired is. I am going to find a different yarn than the one in the pattern I didn’t like it so much anyway.

Tell us what you want to make and we might be able to point you to some good closeouts on appropriate yarns so you can branch out without breaking the bank :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

I ditto the recommendation for Knitpicks. The prices are great (atart at 1.99 for wool???) and shipping is very reasonable. Elann is another good source. :happydance:

Patons Classic Merino is very nice, soft wool and affordable. It comes in a lot of great colours. I think it’s $6.99 a skein.

I like Elann’s house brands of yarn better than Knitpicks and they have lots of name brand yarns at a big discount too:

I bought it on sale online at Joanns for $3.99 a few weeks ago! It’s still on sale, but now it’s $4.99. My loca stores carry it for $5.99 normally. I’ve been using for felting and charity knitting.