Really undecied UFO!

waves I actually don’t know what this will be… likely a very wide but short scarf. I had asked for help in the other section of the forum because I was on the verge of giving up on knitting altogether.

But I’ve got this done! :woohoo:

Thanks to all of you wonderful knitters who helped me out over there. :hug:

More pics as I progress =) and I’m sure more ack, halp! posts along the way.


:thumbsup: It looks great!! Can’t wait to see what it becomes…:happydance:

[CENTER] I agree with the wide scarf. Whatever it’s gonna be, it sure looks great!! :thumbsup:

Woooo! I’m proud of you for keeping at it! It’s looking great!!

…and remember, it doesn’t have to BE anything. Just keep going!:thumbsup:

that is pretty yarn! what brand and colorway? just continue and fold it up into something or other…

Keep it up. My first scarf got me totally hooked on knitting and I just winged it by doing garter stitch first few rows and first and last 8 stitches of the piece - stockinette the rest of the piece. It’s a little beaten up now, but I still wear it. I hope it inspires you to keep at it.

Great job so far…keep going, keep going!!! :yay:

You are doing GREAT!!! Keep at it… :knitting:

Go for it! Never quit!!!

Thanks! :slight_smile: :hug:


It’s Lion Brand Wool-ease 80% acrylic, 20% wool super bulky Charcoal 149