REALLY tempted to start ONLY using yarn that comes in balls>>>

because I’m dealing with another tangled mess for the second night in a row.

This one is a Paton’s skein and sure enough, the middle is a problem.

Why can’t all of them be made into balls or cakes already?


If I can tell there is a problem I wind the skein into a ball myself.

The first skein was fine.

And I have ball winder issues! I guess I’ll keep trying to use it, but what happens when you get to the tangles on the winder? I did recently take a hank and roll it into an old-fashioned ball.

If it comes down to it, and I’m staring at 2 yarns that I like equally, I’ll take the ball. :slight_smile:

I use skeins from the outside in rather than the inside pull. It completely avoids tangles.

Off topic, but Ginny, that is one super-cute dog!

Like Ginny, I always use skeins from the outside and don’t have problems.

I know what you mean about the yarn puke- I like using it from the outside too, that way I get to kick it around the floor while I’m at it.

That is so aggravating! I hope you can get the tangles out!

I use skeins from the outside in as well. However, I just started buying some nice yarn in hanks that you have to wind into balls and I’m really enjoying winding them by hand. I’m sure that will get old soon, but I’ll enjoy in the meantime.

Boo, the key to untangling the mess is to loosen, loosen, always loosen as you work. Good luck!

The key for me is to get my husband to do it-he’s much more patient that I am. :teehee:

I don’t have a ball winder. I make my own center pull balls per Amy’s instruction video.

I wind mine by hand when they come in a hank. For skeined yarn, I really don’t have the problems other people seem to. If a whole bunch does come out, I knit faster :teehee: or wind it into a small figure 8 buttefly and stuff it back in the middle.

Exactly what I do!


Sunshine’s Mom, I enjoy winding hanks into balls too. It is kind of relaxing. I used to hold the hanks for my mother many years ago while she did the winding. I use the back of a chair to hold it for me. Not as good as having someone hold it but it works.:thumbsup:

Most of the yarn I’ve ever bought comes already “balled” I only once vaguely remember helping my granny wind a ball from a hank - I think the back of a chair was used. Maybe most yarn over here is already balled - my granny could have got her yarn from her sister in Canada.

I usually put it around my knees - that is when my dog’s not using my lap. :teehee:

LOLOLOL! If I asked my hubby to un-tangle yarn for me, as great a guy as he is, I would risking seeing my nice, expensive (or cheap) yarn set on fire!! My hubby is not the most patient person in the world (she said with her tongue stuck firmly in her cheek). :slight_smile:

One of the hints to working with skeins and pulling from the inside is to anticipate a yarn vomit. If the pull seems a bit snug, I’ll stop, dig around to loosen the mess and then ease it out. Usually you will find that the end you are pulling has wrapped itself around some other yarn, but flipping it off the end it will usually come loose. Just don’t pull hard on it if there is resistance.

Now if I could only find a trick for finding the end inside the center that would be keen!