Really stumped... but should I be?

been working on a knitting pattern for a hooded sweater for toddlers. the pattern has been horribly written and have had nothing but trouble with it. I am working on the hood part which is the last part of the sweater. I picked up stitches around the neck and back after sewing the shoulders together. the pattern now calls for the hood shaping to increase stitches on either side of a marker (marker is in middle of row) the row pattern is knit 5, purl 2 across the row. the whole sweater is k5, p2.

so here is my question… if i increase one stitch on either side of the marker in the very middle of the row, i will be adding stitches that will set the ribbing of the k5, p2 pattern off. how do i increase these stitches without screwing up the pattern? there are a total of 26 stitches to be increased over approximately 49 rows. I don’t know if i am making a mountain out of a molehill or what.

this is the actual wording of the pattern:

[B][I]Inc. 1 st. each side of marker every 3rd row three times, then every 4th row 10 times, working added sts into pat - 83 sts.[/I][/B]

essentially i am adding 2 stitches each time i do an increase on that row and my mind can’t figure out how to keep in the pattern of k5, p2 without the pattern shifting or looking like i made a mistake in the rows above the increase.

as you can see i am totally stumped and getting neurotic trying to figure this out.

thank you in advance for anyone who can help me!!!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The best thing to do for these kinds of increases is to increase as a knit stitch on the increase row. Then on the next row incorporate the increase into the pattern if possible. If it’s not possible, then keep working the increased sts as knit sts.
So if you have the marker somewhere in the k5 part of the pattern, keep the increases as knit sts until you have k10. On the next increase row work the increased sts as purls. Then on either side of the marker, you’ll have k5, p1, marker, p1, k5. On the next increase row, work the increases in as purl sts again so the you have k5, p2, marker, p2, k5. On the following increase row work the increases as knit sts giving you k5, p2, k1, marker, k1, p2, k5 and so on.
Don’t shift the columns of knits and purls but gradually work the increases into the pattern. It’ll look fine when you finish and can see the pattern growing out from the marker.

Hi Salmonmac… thank you for your very succinct reply. i tried what you suggested and it worked perfectly. I was really being dumb.


Glad it worked. It was a good question and something we all come up against sooner or later.