Really stubborn stains-any suggestions?

I think my 2 year old is grinding foodstuff into her shirts! She has a couple of off white/vanilla shirts that have stains on them (I am assuming they are food stains) that absolutely will not come out! I have tried Shout stain spray Triple Acting, Shout Advanced, Oxiclean AND the Clorox Bleach Pen and the stains are still there!?:wall: I am a loss, when I tried all these (a couple of times for Shout Advanced), I would not dry before trying something different.

Anyone have a suggestion as to what I have not tried and might work? I am getting ready to throw them in with a white sock bleach load but at this rate, not sure if would do anything at all!?

Some stains are forever. Sounds like you’ve put a good fight, but you might just have to concede. I think dying is your only option now. :frowning:

The only thing I use for stains generally is Tide Liquid. I just put a little on the stain, rub it in and then toss in the wash with more Tide. It usually works. Another option to try is an enzymatic stain remover like Biz.

Try a whitener. Over here you can get satches that you throw in with the wash.

ok, the most amazing stuff ever is called Folex. I know for sure i can get it at meijer(midwest grocery store) or home depot. i dont know if it will work since you have already tried so much on it, but i was convinced the day i got an old stain of black mascara out of my khaki colored carpet. This stuff is so worth having in the closet. my mom was convinced when she got spaghettie sauce out

Does the stain seem like it might be oily? The best tip I have ever found, that has saved many a shirt for me, is to use dish soap. (Dawn takes grease…outta yer way… !) I wouldn’t leave it on for any length of time, because most dish soaps do have some bleach in them and will take the color out. But it does work great to soap it up and leave it sit for a bit and then throw it in with the rest of your laundry. :thumbsup:

I have Folex and swear by it for upholstry and the carpets! I never even thought of that! I will also try the Dawn just in case…

Looks like I gotta get me some Biz too!