Really simple project!

I am teaching my Pathfinders (girl guides) to knit…

My DF and I are making needles (to cut cost of buying real needles), which are so far…not going to badly!

I am planning on buying a big Walmar special Red Heart pound of wool, and spliting it 10 ways.

I don’t know how much that will end up giving them (not more the an oz or so)

I was wondering…is there a really simple project I should give them…or should we just handle the basics??

what about keeping to the basics, but have them do a bookmark to start - not alot of stitches to worry about and they can see their progress without getting too frustrated.

a wash cloth for their mums, good for you keeping the art going:cheering:

You can buy a huge ball of cotton too. I have had one and made countless dishcloths with it.

Yeah…I thought about dishclothes…but I don’t know if I can afford them enough material to make one…

How much does one take?

Cotton is a good fiber for dishcloths, but I wouldn’t recommend it for teaching knitting… at least not at first.

Certainly they need to learn the basics before anything else. If this is a class that is ongoing then you can move on to other projects when they are ready.

Fingerless gloves are quick and easy. Just knit on two straight needles and sew up the sides. They’ll have them done in no time!

My grand daughter (age 7) had a lot more luck using a light colored yarn. It was easier for her to see her stitches. Just a thought. Rubie

You sure you want to go with that Red Heart, it might put them off knitting for life! :shock: It’s just so yucky. Something a little softer would be nicer and I think you can find it as cheap. Walmart has that wonderful Sugar & Cream that I’ve made little washcloths out of, it’s so pretty (and really cheap). It is cotton but it has a lot of give I think… They also might really like a headband which would be easy and fun to wear.

Well…I hear you…but at the same time…it is cheap, and it is perfect for getting all those ratty stitches out of the way! I would never start anyone on expensive wool…just simply because there will be dropped stitches and wonky gauge…it is just better IMO to start on something that you don’t care much about…

I might try cotton…just for sake of a dishcloth…but I don’t know if it is new knitter friendly…

Maybe some Caron Simply Soft would be good. It’s acrylic, so it’s cheap; but it’s softer than the Red Heart kind. :slight_smile:

Caron Simply Soft isn’t much more than Red Heart SS and is much nicer to work with. Just a thought.

The bookmarks sound like a good idea, or even some small pot holders or something along those lines.

Yes I get it. That peaches and cream is really soft if I remember correctly. At Walmart. I was just down finally to this fantastic store in lower Manhattan called P & S fabrics and I found this yarn for 2.99 per skein, 166 yards and I bought it coz I couldn’t believe it’s acrylic, it is so soft and nice… Bernat Satin. “The Softest Touch” I see it says on the label. Never worked with it before but it has a nice sheen also.

I agree that Super Saver or Pound of Love might be enough to put those young ones off of yarn crafts for life. I would say the same thing about Peaches & Cream, though. It’s what I learned to crochet potholders and things with when I was in that age bracket, but knitting is so much more stretch-dependent, especially for beginners.

If you have Hobby Lobby in your area, their house cheap yarn called I Love This Yarn is around the same price range as Super Saver but a much nicer/softer yarn with decent stretch for an acrylic. You can order Hobby Lobby products at, as well, and it’s about $1.90 per 355 yard skein. Otherwise, I would second the notion of Caron Simply Soft, which I happen to think is the most knitting-newbie friendly of the inexpensive acrylic yarns, and absolutely has the best assortment of colors.

I started my granddaughters (8) on the sugar n cream and they did fine. One of them has made a bookmark and the other has decided she is not that interested.
I think it is so neat to see those little hands creating something.

I just taught my nieces’ Brownie group how to knit. To receive their “Art by Hand” badge they had to knit a a square for Blankets for Canada. We used Bernat Super Value. It is about the same price as RH but softer. We bought the 7 oz. skein at Zellers but you might be able to find it at Michaels or Walmart. HTH.


Ok…now that is an idea!..we can knit squares for a blanket…That way I can just show them knit, and if some feel that they can Purl…all the better…nice…I may consider that as an idea!

Wristwarmers. They are just like mini scarves seamed up. It’s what I had my boyfriend do when i taught him. Just had him knit on 10 stitches for about 8 inches, then helped him cast off and then i sewed it up and suddenly it was a tangible “thing” that he could wear (and he does still, haha)

It covers all the basics, cast on/off and knit, maybe do it in sockingette for those who think they are ready to purl.