Really rotten comment

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Speaking of being bigger than someone who cannot maintain decency when commenting on things
yesterday in class I had to send a very large, VERY angry boy to the office
I was in my classroom office calling to main office to expect him, when he yelled to his classmates to shut the — Up (not the word, just a space) then he flipped the bird to his classmates and finally left
his classmates came over to protest his actions and I pointed out how I agreed that this behavior was innappopriate, and we could choose to spend the rest of class obsessing about it, ot be bigger than that, and get back to our task at hand
They LOVED my attitude about it "small actions deserve less of my energy, than big ones"
there abouts

Kids can learn life lessons in Gym class too
I love it


Its not even the issue of bullying a special needs child, any grown person who bullies a CHILD for any reason deserves to be strung up by their armpit hairs and taunted for the size of their brain. jimminy christmas what is this world coming to!