Really rotten comment

I got an email that [I]anonymous[/I] left a comment on one of my blog posts. Being that I am not a prolific knitter or blogger - I was excited to receive a comment and rushed to read it…it turns out someone had left a nasty message about how they like knitting, but also love to shoot heroine and wanted me to let them know if I know who’s ‘holding.’ Not only was the post disturbing all by itself, but the really disturbing thing is that this comment may have come from a family member. Long story short, my sister is a recovering heroine addict and we (the family) went through hell for years with her. I got what seemed like endless phone calls saying that she overdosed. I was so emotionally and physically drained by the time the court finally order her to rehab. Since rehab, she has been clean and sober (almost 2 years now!!) and has gotten married. We are currently fighting with my hubby’s brother (spoiled rotten jerkoff) who humiliated my Asperger’s Syndrome son by calling him a “3 yo girl” because he was upset when the movers packed away all of his things (Asperger’s Syndrome kids have a really hard time with change). We have told him that humiliating our special needs child is absolutely ridiculous and that he needs to apologize to Brian. Well he refuses and has decided to lobby for the remaining family members to write us off as a part of the family. I think he left the comment knowing how hurtful that time in my life was. HE is just that small and petty. And my sister’s heroine addiction is a hot-button issue for us. My Feedjit account also indicates that someone from his city was viewing my blog around the time the comment was posted. I have absolutely no proof of this and don’t care to pursue it - but it is pretty bothersome to me. My hubby also thinks it was his brother. UGH!

I am so sorry! :hug: :hug: How awful for someone to capitalize on an emotional and hurtful part of your life in order to fulfill their pettiness (if it was indeed your BIL who left the comment) and how childish, obnoxious and hurtful to make fun of any child - nevermind a child with special needs and nevermind his own nephew, to whom he should be a good role model rather than a petty child of even less maturity. and lastly, I am sorry you had a horrible comment left on your blog regardless of whom it was from.

Wow, just wow! Whoever it was is a sick, sick person. Sounds like your husband’s brother needs a little visit to a psychiatrist, if not just for stalking you on a blog but for the other mentally unstable things he’s done, what a nutjob. Sorry you have to go through this. :verysad:

I forgot to mention that I have since deleted the comment restricted comments so that each comment must be approved by me before it is posted.

Coincidentally, someone from his city and the city his wife works in visits my blog every day without fail. Weird. Some people need a life.

Sorry that you are going through this. Pray for him. In the bible it says that praying for someone that has hurt you is like heaping hot coals on his head, but I wouldn’t do it for that reason. He needs help! I hope your son doesn’t dwell on what he said. As far as needing a life, I might be in the same boat, cause I have to look at KH everyday. LOL:hug:

Hey, I just remembered. Aren’t you the one that the LYS gave you a hard time about your needles? It’s got to get better. Don’t take all of this personally. They have serious problems. You don’t.

Well, I need a life too :aww: I check KH and Ravelry every day!! I just mean that someone who dislikes you checking your blog every day is a bit creepy. Ya - I’m the one who had the troubles with the LYS. Fortunately, I am not visiting that shop anymore. I used to visit it on Friday nights when I went home to Ohio and since we don’t have plans to keep going home to Ohio past this weekend, I have no reason to even stop in. I don’t take [I]that[/I] personally. I think snobbery is universal… :teehee:

Can you nlock or ban him from your blog?

Unfortunately, no

We should all post snarky comments about the blog stalkers on your blog. :teehee: Call them out on it!
Immature, I know, but it’s fun to think about it.

It is unfortunate that we have to restrict comments like that but it is today’s reality. I’m so sorry that he did that and try not to let his poison infect you… he sounds crazy

Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this on top of everything else. There has to be something seriously wrong with a man who would insult and ridicule any child, much less one with special needs. As far as the blog comment, it seems like an awfully big coincidence to me that a stranger would say something like that, considering your sister’s history. I hope that the rest of your family can see through him. I’m sending positive energy your way. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Really insecure people try to make themselves feel better by being snarky, especially if they know there is a weak spot.

Sorry you’re having to go through this stuff with him, but think of all the positive things: your sis has two years of sobriety :yay: , your husband understands it’s probably his brother and stands by YOU :yay: and your little boy is loved enough by the two of you to have you as his first line of defense :yay: .

Your BIL sounds like a little jerk who needs to grow up.

Something like that says a great deal about the person posting it. Instead of being upset you should just feel truly sorry for this miserable person. That’s a terrible way to go through life.

OMG what hosers! You seem like such a sweet girl- I thought that when people were giving you grief about your knitting needles @ the LYS.

Hopefully your husband is putting the hammer down on his idiot brother too. Give your son a hug from me- how old is he?

I don’t know what “holding” means but don’t let some idiot poster bug you. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of posting anything about it or allowing comments that mention it either. They don’t deserve to know they got to you.

Thanks… I wouldn’t give the poster the satisfaction. :smiley:

In all honesty, if it was me, I’d document the comments, the blog info that you have of log in addresses and dates and keep that. From what you state, this person is a little “off” and it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more “interested” in him also. I’d also mention the coincidence to any family members and let them know what happened. Don’t accuse him but tell others exactly what happened and the info you have off of your blog, let them make their own determination.
You shouldn’t have to put up with some nut case like that.

Wow. I don’t know what to say. But here’s a cyberhug from me.:hug:
And another thing…I can’t believe a grown man would bully a child.:fingerwag:

I know. Just that in itself is disturbing. He needs help. But the rest of the family just thinks were over re-acting. How should one react to an adult humiliating a special needs child? Our son needs us to defend him since he cannot defend himself. He gets bullied at school all of the time - he doesn’t need to be bullied in his own family too.

Yup! I was just about to say - don’t even dignify something like that with a response! He is not worth one more second of the grief you are putting yourself through by reacting to it! You deserve better. You know it. So treat yourself the way you deserve and IGNORE the b@st@rd.

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