Really, Really, Really Frustrated!


Thanks everyone for putting up with my other questions! I am making this discloth (link is on the bottom) and I am having touble with the row: Next row: k2, yo, (k1, slip 1) repeat until you get to the last 3 sts - knit to end. But I don’t get 3 remaining stitches I got two. What am I doing wrong? How do I read this pattern? The parenthesis has brought me off track.
Thank you!

For the row where you start with 7 stitches, you’re just going to–

k2, yo, k1, sl1, k3

On future rows, k2, yo, (k1, s1) until you have three stitches left over, even if you don’t sl one. Just k1, s1, k1, s1, etc, until there are three, then knit the three.


Yeah, I’ve k2, yo, k1, then sl1 but I am left over with two stitches. Will the pattern through me off? I don’t understand what I did wrong.

SO I just have to stick with your next option which is to not sl?

Are you starting with 7 sts?
The count should be as follows:

(1) k1
(1) k1
(0) YO
(1) k1
(1) sl1
(1) k1
(1) k1
(1) k1

The 1’s are where I counted sts…if you start with 7, you should be okay.

Hello, I’m sorry, I am a beginner. What does (0) YO mean? Yes, I’ve started with 7 stitches. If you could pelase explain what (0) Yo mean, I will be okay :thumbsup: .

A yo is an increase. It doesn’t use one of your original 7 stitches. You put the yarn in front of the needle as if you are going to purl, but you knit instead. The yarn wraps around the needle and creates a stitch with an eyelet under it.

That’s where your count is coming out wrong.

Your next row should have 8.

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