Really OT: Rehab your body video

With so many people on this site, I was hoping someone might have some information on this video.

I received from Crafters Choice an offer for this exercise video.

Last August I fell and injured my hamstring. My age and weight are working against my getting back to where I was almost a year ago. I’ve successfully lost about 25 pounds (and am still working on it), but I feel I would benefit from exercise. I have some mobility issues related to both weight and the injury. Just going out and walking is not an option. Last Fall my doctor had me at a rehab clinic for about 6 weeks and there was some improvement. But the old insurance shut that down and I really can’t pay for the sessions on my own.

Is anyone at all familiar with this video? It looks good, but I hesitate to spend $30+ shipping for something that is going to make someone richer and me no better off.

Any PTs out there with any input?

I’ve not seen it, sounds wonderful if it actually does all that it says. I would be interested, too :wink: