Really new knitting newbie

I had my first knitting class last Saturday. I’m not making anything in particular, just practicing sts. So, first I did several rows of g st, then several rows of St st, then several rows of g st. Then I started St st again. After several rows I realized that the RS of the second section of St st was on the WS.

How did I get backwards like that?

If I am understanding your question correctly, you didn’t do anything wrong. If you are looking at the “right side” where you are knitting, each knit stitch will be a purl stitch on the backside.


I think it’s really easy to get mixed up like that when you are new to knitting - good for you for taking a class…I played around with yarn and needles for an embarrassingly long amount of time before I got the hang of it at all and I am certainly still learning. This is an amazing forum to help you! I highly recommend sitting down with yarn and needles in front of the videos on this site - Amy’s explanations are invaluable.

The best advice I can give you is to remember that your stitches always start out on the left needle and you move them to the right needle. When all the stitches from the left needle are on the right one, then turn it (as you learn more complicated patterns, you may turn earlier but not yet) so that your newly finished row is on the left needle once again and your right needle is empty and waiting for the next row of stitches. If you find you have trouble keeping rows straight, you can get a stitch row counter which might help or simply ‘read’ the stitches of the row before. Knit stitches look like little scarves or upside down V’s and purl stitches look like little pearls or bumps.

Hope that helps a little!

If you have more questions, feel free to PM me or ask the wonderful knitters on this forum.


I’m probably not being clear because I’m trying to use the hip knitting lingo. :slight_smile:

I’ve ended up with a couple of inches of g st, couple of inches of St st, couple of inches of g st, couple of inches of St st that is facing in the opposite direction as the first set of St st. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your reply.

You probably just got a row more or less on your garter stitch section than you meant to. If you want all the stockinette stitch parts to face the same way, it’s a good idea to mark the “public”, or “right” side of your work. When you’re more used to knitting, you won’t even have to think about that, but for now, mark your “right” side with a bit of yarn, a safety pin or what have you so you remember.

Yep, you just need to look at what you’ve just done and mark the right side (RS) of your knitting so you know what comes next. I’m sure you know that garter stitch on straight needles is all knit stitches in each row for as many rows as you want to do and st st is one row of knit followed by one row of purls on straight needles.


If I’m understanding it correctly, it sounds like you may have just lost track of which side was a knit side and which side a purl side and ended up purling a side that you should have knitted, or, vice versa.

So the number of rows and which one I strt purling on makes a difference as to which way the St st faces?

Yes, I do and that’s why I’m confused as to what I did.

I think that’s exactly what I must have done. Thanks for your help.

You did an uneven number of rows of the garter before going back to the stockinette so you ended up with reverse stockinette.

The easiest way to remember (at least for me), is, if your on a row with V’s, you need to knit your stitches, if your on a row with “bumps,” you need to purl.

I had that problem a lot in the beginning, I kept getting confused and couldn’t remember which side I should knit and which side I should purl, but, once I got better at it, I realized the V’s need to be knitted and the bumps need to be purled. Hope that helps!

How about that! Now you know another stitch: REVERSE STOCKINETTE!

Keep it up! Each mistake or confusion just adds exponentially to your knowledge!!!

I agree with Arielluria, that is exactly how I learned… from my mistakes!! hahaha