Really need prayers!

My DH and I are still trying to get pregnant. We did an IUI Monday but I just have a bad feeling that we’re going to miss the egg again. I’m running against a clock and I’ve had 2 miscarriages, no children.

All prayers are deeply appreciated.

awww, you are in my thoughts. I will be totally honest, thats one of my biggest fears. I cant imagine when i want to have kids and having to go through such troubles. It must be so emotionally straining on you, hugs and love are flowing your way!

Prayers and best wishes for y’all, Boo! I know it must be frustrating and the miscarriages discouraging… have faith, it’s good for you, worrying is not.

:heart: Just remember to enjoy each other. We never had kids but thank god we stayed together.

Awww… I am so sorry, I will be praying for you :hug:

Keep being positive and we are all here for you and are praying for you.

:hug:Sending you all my positive egg thoughts to you!! My fingers are crossed tooCrossed Fingers!

Good thoughts going your way! Crossed Fingers

Good luck and prayers to you. Crossed Fingers

Oh honey, you know you have them! Just try to keep yourself positive, laugh a little re-read figaro’s response, that made me laugh! "Positive egg thoughts! and try to stay relaxed. (yeah right!?) :wink:


Good thoughts and eggy vibes coming your way! Crossed Fingers

Joining the circle of prayers for you and offering the suggestion of doing meditation, especially Yoga Nidra…I teach prenatal yoga for the childbearing year…pre-conception, pregancy and postpartum. Deep relaxation has a powerful effect on the body.
Showering you in Love & Light,

I feel bad because I am not exactly one for praying, but I will definately support you all the way.

Sending positive thoughts your way :hug:.



Good luck!!:cheering:


Sending positive thoughts your way.

Lots of positive energy for you!!!

Go little swimmers, go! :woohoo: