REALLY NEED HELP with hat calculations!

I can’t seem to get my mind wrapped around these calculations. Okay, my hat pattern required 112 stitches cast on and an increase of 2 stitches after the ribbing… so 114 total stitches… I cast on 116 stitches to make it a little bit larger and increased to 118. Now I’m at the end and the pattern calls for

Rnd 1:*k2tog, k4; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 2: *k2tog, k3; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 3:*k2tog, k2; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 4:*k2tog, k1; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 5: k2tog around.

Is this going to work out with the number of stitches that I added? :thinking: :frowning:

The original decrease pattern works for any multiple of 6 stitches. Personally I’d do the first two decrease rounds and just knit the 4 extra stitches at the end, then on the 3rd decrease round (k2tog, k2) you can incorporate them. But maybe someone else has a better suggestion? :??

Hi Aby,

It won’t quite work as written. :thinking: what I’d do is:

Round 1:K2tog K2, then follow regular round 1 (118 at beginning, 98 at end)

Round 2: K2tog, K1, then follow regular round 2 (98 at beginning, 78 at end)

Round 3:K2tog, then follow regular round 3 (78 at beginning, 58 at end)

Round 4: K1, then follow regular round 4 (58 at beginning, 39 at end)

Round 5: K1, then follow regular round 5 (39 at beginning, 20 at end)

Then you can either do another round of K2tog all around and pull through remaining ten stitches or kitchner stitch the remaining 20 stitches or whatever finishing technique you usually use for hats.

I think the math works and the decreases should line up correctly I hope :?? but you may have to play with it a little. Your 118 stitches is 2 stitches short of the right number to divide into all the decrease rounds so you have to do a little refiguring on those 4 extra stitches you added.

Good Luck :thumbsup: