Really need help with circular knitting

Please help me!

I am trying to knit using circular needles for the first time and I just cannot get it right. I cable cast on 120 stitches then go to knit the next round. Do I just start knitting? When I do just knit round, when I get to the end there is a massive gap between the start and finish, and I am sure they are meant to be joined! What am I doing wrong?

If I don’t start off the next round by knitting to join the the two lines then what do I do?

Hope you understand my garbled message but its driving me mad!

Thank you in anticipation.

There are several ways to ‘join’ when knitting in the round. As you mentioned, one is to just bring the 2 ends close together and start knitting. There will often be a gap when you get around the needle to that point again. It might help to make sure you pull the yarn sort of tightly on the first stitch that joins them. If the gap is short, you can use the beginning yarn tail to sew it closed when you weave it in.

Another popular method is to cast on an extra stitch. Then slide the 1st & last stitch onto the same needle and knit 2 together to make the join more secure. continue knitting around.

One more choice is to take the 1st & last cast on stitch and have them switch places, sort of criss-cross each other on the 2 needle points.

When you have cast on, you start knitting into the first cast on stitch - this makes the join.

I often have that gap, too, but by the end of the 2nd row, it’s pretty much taken care of itself.

Thank you so much, I used the cross-over method and it worked!! I can finally get on with my pattern:woot: :woohoo:

Thanks these are great suggestions. I will try them on my next “in the round” project.