Really Need Advice

I have uploaded a photo of a dishrag I am knitting. This is my first knitting project and have redone it many times. I finally thought I was on my way to finishing it and then noticed a gap between my top two rows. I thought I had knitted it the same way as before but don’t know how it got there. Any advice on what I did wrong and how to correct it is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Margie:muah:

It looks fine to me. I think once you knit a few more rows it’ll settle in just fine. :thumbsup:

I agree with Jan. I’m still a newbie knitter but when I first started I used to think I need to rip out my work and do it again ( a lot), finally I saw that if I just kept going it usually sorted itself out! Looks good to me :slight_smile:

I agree it looks just fine…Keep on going…:cheering: :cheering:

It’s possible that you purl a little tighter or looser than you knit, but practice helps with your tension. And when you wash it after you’re done, it may even out the rows. It’s not a major problem.

I think it’s all garter isn’t it? :??

Duh, of course, you’re right; mentioning the gap between rows made me think of ‘rowing out’.

So it’s just uneven tension, and that will improve as you knit more. Washing it will even out the sts and rows on this project.

I think it’s cute, and it looks fine! Really!!

Look good to me, too. Nice pattern.

I think that it’s just because there isn’t a next row yet. It does look perfectly fine, binding off and a tug will probably even everything out to your satisfaction.

Agreeing with the others–I’m not seeing the problem; it looks normal to me. That row is still on the needle, and will be fine when you bind off.