REALLY love to look at your work but

I don’t know if other people have this problem, perhaps it’s me alone, if so just ignore this:oops: . I LOVE looking at pictures of the beautiful things people have done but unless the photos are embedded in the post I generally can’t access them.

Much of my time on KH is at work, on break. lunch or while I’m on hold on the telephone. My hospital has blocked (as many work places have) places like “myspace”, ravelry, and most blog sites. When the link is posted to a blocked site rather than the actually photo I can’t see your wonderful work:waah:

At home I have dial up and for some reason it’s very time consuming to go to a link from here. So I miss alot of great pictures.

When possible, could you please take pity on us computer impaired folks and post the pic to your thread. pleeeeeeeeeez:help:

I agree. :thumbsup: I much prefer to have the images embedded or attached here. Many people, including myself a lot of times, won’t bother to click a link to an outside image. It takes time to load the extra pages or often the pages are blocked as they are for Ginny. Ever notice how the ones with outside links don’t get as many comments? That’s often why.

You can click the link in my signature to see how to post here on KH.


I don’t know how many people here work for “large” companies that have restrictive IT policies but one problem that I run into is that “blogs” are often blocked because of one word or post, often in no way connected with the post.

I also agree with you. I miss alot of pictures due to the fact that I am at work when on this site and they are blocked. Sometimes I can’t even find the pictures even if they are not blocked.


I have the opposite problem…sometimes I can see the pics i’ve posted but others can’t. I’ve never figured that out. Work computers are hard because they do block certain things out. Why can’t they just make it easy on us huh?

Just wanted to share this. I started by using a baby kimono pattern, but soon changed it to suit my yarn supply. It turned out to be a 3-6 month size.
Pattern: Sort of my own, but started with the Baby Kimono Pattern
Yarn: Filatura DiCrosa Primo Superwash
Needle size: US 6