Really Lost


I have just started a pattern and this is the way it goes.

K1, * yo, sl 1, k1 psso, the pattern repeats until last stitch and you knit that.

I have 138 stitches and I have knitted about 2 inches. I notice that I have misses something.

How can I fix this without taking everything off and starting over?

I can crochet really well, and I could always fix my mistakes easily.

But, knitting is so much harder for me?:knitting:

What have you misssed - a YO or a dec? For a YO you can pick up the strand between sts where it should have been but it probably would have been used in a dec on the next row, so you won’t be able to do much about that. You can go back a couple rows and see if that’s where you missed it. Look at the fixing mistakes videos on the Tips page to see how to put your needle back into the stitches. What I do is rip back to the row above the mistake and insert the needle into the sts as I pull out each one on that row stitch by stitch.

Thanks so much! I watched the video…I’m not really sure where I messed up I am currently on that row. I don’t know if I can go back and fix it because of the slip stitch and psso stitch?

Just take it slowly and as I said, pull the yarn out of each st as you put it back on the needle.

:muah: Thanks so …much! I got the stitches back on and I think it will be ok.