Really loose stitches?

Hey everyone. I just finished my first pair of socks. They both [I]basically [/I]fit, but the heel on one sock ended up being a good deal looser than the other. A really good deal. And I don’t know how, because I was supposed to be doing the same thing both times. It was one row of s1, k1 across, then one row of s1, p across. I did this on both socks, but the second one was way big and loose, while the other sock fits my heel exactly… Am I just really inconsistent or did I do something else majorly wrong? If it was just inconsistency, how could I practice it? It wasn’t like my knits are tight and my purls are loose, but the entire heel flap on one entire sock is way looser than the entire heel flap on another sock

You ask very good questions to evolve your knitting. I don’t know the answer but will read what others say with interest.

Newbie knitter ideas:

Did you possibly leave a different number of stitches at the turn on each end of the heel? Or maybe you did like I did once, and neglected to actually turn the heel. I just picked up the gusset stitches and went on my merry way–my first serious frogging…

If it’s an inconsistency problem, the only cure is practice. If the stitches are obviously looser, I’m kind of betting that’s not the issue. There aren’t all that many stitches in a heel flap, so a slight variation in size wouldn’t make a humongous difference.

I’m sure a more seasoned knitter may have more insight.

I’m really embarassed to post this because it’s the first time I’ve made some really big mistake but I don’t know what it is, but I’m also going to just have to get over the embarassment because I really need to find out what I did wrong.

Here’s a picture of the two heels:

It looks like you may have knitted the heel flap across a greater number of stitches in the larger sock. Have you tried counting the slip-stitch rows to see?

i would say the same as laura. it looks like there might be more stitches there.

the socks are [I]really[/I] cute. congrats on the first pair finished!

Yeah that seems to be the case. Maybe that’s what made the stitches be looser? (Because even though the row count is different, you can still see the the stitches are significantly looser) Thanks for the help everyone. And I’m STILL going to wear these socks! Do you think that’s okay?

of course it’s okay!