Really long thread on first row

I have a question. It seems that whenever I start a new project, as I knit the next stitch the yarn between each stitch gets longer and longer. By the time I get to the end of the first row the tail of the yarn is so long. After that first row I have no problems.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?:think:

The samething happens to me when I use any cast on other than longtail or a waste yarn cast on so dont feel bad. Nearest thing I can figure is that the cast on guage/yarn usage is looser than my normal knitting guage and the extra slack in the cast on ends up in the tail, I personaly try not to worry about it unless my cast on edge has an obvious tension difference compared to a row about 2 inches up.

It sounds like you’ve used the backward loop cast on which always does this. I find it’s only good for a few sts, not what you’d use to start a project. Look at the CO videos for knitted, cable or longtail COs and you shouldn’t have that problem.

thanks for the input I will watch the video!:cheering: