REALLY confused re: stocking pattern

I’m working on this right now. I have never done anything more complicated than a short row hat, so I’m extremely confused right now. I’m stuck on this part:

“Starting at right heel and using MC, k 8 sts from holder, pick up and k 9 sts along edge of heel, k 26 sts from centre st holder, pick up and k 9 sts along edge of other heel, k 8 sts from rem st holder. 60 sts now on needle.”

I have the three stitch holders with 8, 26, and 8 stitches on them. I don’t understand what it means by knit 8 and pick up 9, etc. How do I knit stitches from the holder? Do I just put them all on the needle and knit them like they’re a big row?

If you have the sts on a stitch holder that looks like a large safety pin, you can hold it in your left hand and knit the sts off it as though it were another needle. If you’re using waste yarn as a st holder, you’ll have to put the sts on another needle (maybe a dpn if you have a spare one around?) or onto one of your available working needles. Picking up the 9 sts involves creating sts along the edge. There’s a video on the Free Videos tab under Tips.
Very cute stockings. Good luck with them.

Thank you, but I still don’t understand. I don’t even know how to word my question. I think I’m going to have to scrap this. :frowning:

I know how that is when you can’t frame the question. But I figure, you’ve gotten this far with the correct number of sts on holders, so give it a go. At worst you can put it down until next Christmas when you may be more experienced.
Think of it as 8sts on a holder separated by an edge, 26sts on a holder separated by an edge, and 8 more sts on a holder. Your can knit all these sts around if only you create some sts to fill the gaps and that’s where you create the 9sts by picking up sts. See if the video helps or as I said, put it down for a while and come back later.

This is going to sound stupid but where does the yarn come from that I knit the loops on the holders with? If I can figure that out, I just knit the right 8 and then when they’re gone I pick up the inner 9 and knit them onto the same needle at the 8 without turning the work? I’m pregnant with my second baby and my first doesn’t have a stocking yet, so I was hoping to finish this by Christmas. I know if I could figure out this part I can have it done by the end of the week.

Okay, I understand the pick up and knit part and how to get all the stitches together at the end, but I still don’t understand the first knit 8. The tail from when I stopped is on the inside, next to the inner 9. What do I do with it? Is this what I’m supposed to be knitting with? If it is I don’t get how…

OK, there are two posibilities.
Yes, I see what you mean about the end of working yarn. You’ve just finished knit row. (1)You can break the yarn, leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. You can put those 8sts from the right heel onto a holder or another needle so that you can slide them onto a working needle to begin a knit row at the other end with a new strand of yarn.
(2)The only other way to get going again is to purl back on the 8sts, turn and start the directions that follow for knitting 8sts, picking up 9sts etc.

I just stuck all of the first 8 stitches onto a needle and ignored the k8 part. Went right to the picking up part. I’m past this whole section now and it looks fine. I know I didn’t do it right but it looks fine so I don’t really care. LOL

Thank you!

That’s great! That’ll work. Sometimes you just have to be a little inventive when the pattern isn’t quite right.