Really confused on a lace type dishcloth

I am trying to challenge myself by knitting a “leaf patterned dishcloth” (I tried finding it online but this was before I started printed the actual page I get my patterns from) The instructions told me to co 39 stitches which I did and I am now on row 45 out of 58 and I thought I was off by one or two stitches so I counted them. I counted 30! I have no idea what happened, I have been following the pattern pretty dog gone closely and this happens?:wall: The thing that is really confusing is the way it looks, see:

It doesn’t look that bad does it, I can see where in the middle on the left side there should be some lacey holes and maybe that is where it happened? I expected some mistakes but to have 9 stitches just disappear? I was going to just let them be in there but I have to fix this. I know I can make this, I am going to rip it and start over again.

Did you leave out a part of the chart?

No chart, written instructions only. Thats partly why I wanted to find the pattern on the internet. Each row is written out and I started to feel comfortable about the rows, I have no idea what happened. :??

Yeah… looks like those holes you missed is your stitch problem…

Still looks nice though :smiley: