REALLY basic question

so i feel like a moron for having to ask this, but can someone tell me how to do a YO? i just can’t get it figured out.

I knit Continental so I pretend I’m entering a stitch grap the yarn and bring it forward like I normally would then continue on… now my mom does it different and she knits english … Have you checked out Amy’s Video it might help ya out if you haven’t…

Normally in a knit you would bring the needle up through the loop(left) wrap the yarn around and bring it back through the loop. In YO basically you just wrap the yarn around the needle without bringing the needle through the loop and then continue on as normal. See the video instruction. It is very helpful.

And there was me thinking it was only me who thought my questions were stupid :teehee:

I actually learned something from that question so it wasnt stupid at all.

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thanks for the help - i guess i had figured it out, but it was too simple, you know? if something blowing my mind with that much kleenex, i want it to be something HARD!

“Fancy” stuff in knitting is always easier than the end result looks. Makes it easy to impress your friends! :teehee:

an excellent point! (btw - love your fruit flies sig - fantastic!)

Groucho. :eyebrow:

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