Really basic question

When the directions call for buttonholes to be worked into the stitching,am I correct in thinking thatyou measure from the top of the first one to where the next one should be? Also, when measuring, do I place the ruler end just under the needle, or on the top edge of the needle. I know that I am probably making this too hard, but I do tend to exhibit obsessive compulsive traits from time to time :wink:

I’ve never thought them out in that much detail. :thinking:

I guess I’ve always measured between the buttonholes–between bottom of one and top of the other. I decide where the top one needs to be and work down from there. I’ve counted rows between them since that’s probably more accurate than measuring. I haven’t done that many things that require buttonholes come to think of it, though.

For measuring knitting, I have always measured up to the needle–it’s just the way I read how to do it, I guess. Needle sizes vary, and the stitch on the needle is more stretched out than the knitted stitches, so I think this is a good way to go.

Thanks! The measuring to the needle seems the most logical to me, too. As for the buttonhole, the last time I did buttonholes was when they were put on the sweater, by machine, after the knitting was done. I doubt that I will ever button this sweater, but the openings are yarn overs worked into the buttonband (such as it is:)) Well, back to work :XX: