Real Yarn Store

:woot: We moved to the city recently, after being out in the country.

This past week I finally discovered the two yarn stores in town. The real yarn stores, with the come and knit awhile chairs, and the really awesome wools… I touched MMMmalabrigo foe first time… I see why you all like it.

And then I was convinced to buy a Oneskein book, by Leigh Radford.

What fun! I cast on (provisional) the Baby bolero at about 3 p.m. and I’m almost finished it. Should have it done tonight.

What a treat! :woot:

I love the city!

Anyhow… just bubbly and had to share!


Where did you get the ONE SKEIN book?


at the yarn store. Its fun! I like this kind of project.

I’m a bit ashamed but I’ve been a little snotty thinking I couldn’t really make too many worthwhile projects out of one skein. And I have found that she seems to pick very LARGE yardage skeins, as my Baby bolero has taken 2 skeins. But it is adorable and there is just something cloud9 about doing a project in one night.

Here is the link from Chapters for the book.


I’ve made a couple of things from that book – not the baby bolero yet but I think it’s cute. I have made the little lace baby hat and the clutch (2 of them, actually.) Both came out really well. I like the book very much.


I’m Tina from Sweden (Europe).
I’m simply a crafter. I love any tecnique that puts yarn, thread and/or beads together into a shape.
I’m still fairly new to knitting, so I’m so happy to have found this site to go to when I have questions.

Welcome Tina. Don’t be afraid to jump right in!