Real Simple Magazine Picture, knitted blanket?

Has anyone else seen the blanket on page 39 of Real Simple’s March issue? The back of the magazine has no info about it. I’m relatively new to knitting and I’m trying to figure out how to make something like it.

To me, this looks like stockinette stitch with ginormous yarn and huge needles.

Can anyone suggest types of yarn and what size needles you think this is?
many thanks, Marykz

I think garter with ginormous needles?

yeah i had to go into the bathroom to get my magazine (because this is apparently where I read my magazines now :roll:) and i agree that it looks more like garter stitch with a thick/thin yarn maybe. THOUGH it also looks like it could be knit 2 rows purl 2 rows too. either way big fat yarn with big fat needles.

I thought so too until I scrutinized the photo and the underside of the blanket you can see looks like stockinette… I could be wrong…

Is this crazy yarn and are thos size needles generally around? I’m not even sure what #'s to look for. The biggest I have are 11, which are nowhere nearly big enough…

Thanks!! Marykz

Yeah I didn’t look at the underside. You are right it is a stockinette with the purl side showing. I would say it would be a 35 or 50 size needle… or i suppose you could go with something like a 17 or 19 with really thick yarns…but i would guess it was at least a 35 needle.

Gee, with the way it ripples, I was going to suggest Knit 3, Purl 3…on the next row, knit all purl stitches and purl all knit stitches.

I would say the needles are what, a 30 or 40? :?? (Pure guess, I know they have needles in size 50…I assume that they would have 30s and 40s as well)