Real quick scarf project - design ideas?

I want to knit a quick gift for my Mom. I thought of a fashionable scarf, about 4 feet long, 2 to 4 inches wide, quick knit, maybe wide ribbon. Or some silky color changing stuff? I need to go to my LYS to get inspiration.

I really don’t want to make it multicolored, though, because it shall fit her outfits easily and look good with a pullover, blazer, blouse…

I just made one for myself all in bamboo stitch, wide ribbon, very airy material, dense knit. That looks nice.

I do not have a lot of days left to make it (it is just the additional gift, though, so no big project) and was looking for good ideas.

I do not need a pattern for a scarf, of course, long, thin, all fine.

My question is more: does anyone have a sparkling idea for a stitch pattern? I might mostly knit on the train so complicated charts / instructions would not be ideal.

I was thinking of some cable design… might be a possibility, mh?
or some nice stitch?

Maybe just the ends in a lace / stitch / and the middle in stochinette?

I will probably just jump for some idea soon, I just thought, you might have input for me…

linnen stitch for the ends, stoch. for the rest?
bamboo, just like mine (a bit boring to do the same thing twice, mh?)

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If you just do stockinette it will curl, that might be fine for a fashion scarf though. Garter stitch would be fast and wouldn’t curl, on bigger needles would look sort of lacy.

These sites have lots of different stitches to give you some ideas. maybe a real simple lace using just 2-4 rows that is easy to memorize.

In addition to the links marilyn posted, theres some stitch patterns at, some are reversible.

hi girls!
great links! I will surf them after work! There MUST be a perfect idea out there.

the curling I am fine with, because it turns into a nice roll that looks fashionable in my eyes (it curls to both long sides). It is the same way with my bamboo scarf and I really like it.

I will report back what I find! Thanks for the input!

the only thing I am not a fan of at all is plain garder stitch. I try to avoid it at all cost. I think it is overused anyways, looks the least “cleaned up” and may have its use in patterns, just not on its own. I usually replace it in patterns, if I can.

One that looks nice and is quick and easy is the Yarn Harlot’s One Row Handspun Scarf. I’ve even used the stitch pattern for dishcloths. On Rav there are 4,650 projects for it!

thanks, everybody. Some surfing and looking got me about here:

I might make it a little less wide since it is decorational only.

But now I go to the yarn shop and some beautiful yarn will jump at me and end this plan. I just know it. It will be the one and only yarn but it will not cooperate for lace. And then I will buy it and go home and look and look and look again and go through all my books, magazines and all your links again and finally, a day or two before the dead line… I might find the right pattern… aaah.


ok, back from the yarn shop. what do you think… I bought more than I needed.
well 3 scarfs are great, aren’t they? one or two for my mum and one for me… why not.

so the first is ribbon. but not the usual type: this looks like a suede leather strip - light grey, fuzzy top, cut edges. It will look neat, I guess. And it might be great in linnen stitch or bamboo… I will see once I cast on a test piece.

then I bought a “ribbon like” bright petrol blue (if there is such a thing…) - ha, the English explanation calls it “jade” … never seen jade stones so intense, but, ok, why not. 150 g, that will get me somewhere.
(not the color displayed there)

this will be something with cables? might be?

and then the 3rd one is this beauty here: shiny core and fuzzies off of it. silver and blue in my case.

maybe the star pattern? I will see. Something with holes, anyways.

so: I have things to do… there only still is that owl on my needles and then the pullover I am working on (thick cotton with huge crosses and so on)

all other projects I am done with, so: scarfs, here I come!

I’m a little late in making suggestions but I like this one. Making it for a friend right now and almost done!

hi newamy!

not late in the least, I haven’t started yet. And, yes, June 30th, that is not so long from now.

That scarf looks nice. so nice, I would almost put up with garder stitch :smiley: I just plain don’t like it (garder stitch, not the scarf). But I guess I could make it simmilar in stochinette. Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine about this ONE look of knitting.