Real nappies?

i was on my way out to work when they were talking about ‘real nappies’ i think ameriacns say cloth diapier, any way i didnt get to hear much of what they were saying as i had to go i came on my fave website and some one is asking for a pattern so… what are they ?how do they work? have uused them ?are they better or not?

You’re right, we say cloth diapers here in the US. :wink: Cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly because you aren’t putting more plastic and waste into the landfills/oceans, etc.

There have been many improvements in disposable diapers that makes them very attractive to use so it’s really a personal choice. I used cloth diapers with a diaper service when my girls were babies, but I did use the occasional disposable for certain situations.

It’s been a long time…do they even have diaper services anymore? :think:

no, they probably don’t mean the cloth diapers that you might be imagining, i.e. the white squares of cloth. The new cloth diaper is often referred to as ‘modern cloth diaper’ or ‘modern cloth nappy’ or just MCN.

They are made of various materials including hemp which is very absorbent, microfibre, bamboo and a fabric called PUL which is waterproof. The ones with PUL often have colourful characters and pictures on the outside and are just the cutest things you have ever seen.

The absorbent part goes on the inside and the waterproof part goes on the outside. The material draws the moisture away from the baby’s skin but keeps the moisture away from the outer clothing.

There are ‘pocket’ varieties that you stuff with the absorbent material and there are “All in Ones” that you just put on bubs like a normal nappy/diaper because the absorbent material is sewn in. Modern cloth diapers don’t require soaking you just throw them in the washing machine and hang them up to dry.

Here is a picture of a pocket nappy with a PUL outer.

and here is what you might stuff it with: a hemp insert:

There are also ‘fitted’ ones which don’t have the waterproof outer and for these you would use a ‘cover’ of some description, either of PUL or of lanolised wool. The lanolised wool covers are called ‘soakers’.

We actually use cloth diapers. We used them exclusivly for the first 18 months, now part time. There are so many different types of diapers available. You can still get the old fashined prefold ones and pins if you like, or you can get diapers that are all one piece, depends on how much money you want to spend. I also made a lot of my own diapers, I have minimal sewing skills and it was very easy to do. I love cloth diapers, for lots of reasons. I would reccomend looking at the Diaper Pin, which is a website with forums devoted to cloth (I am not sure of the exact web address, sorry). I washed all my diapers at home, which is much easier than it sounds. You can still get diaper services but they are expensive. Hope some of that helps.

I just looked at the Tidee Didee Diaper Service site and for 100 diapers (average newborn) it was less than $20 a week. Don’t disposables cost more than that? I found the service extremely convenient.

we use disposable, and i pay $19 for 92.(size 4’s) But i’d like to learn more too, because if we have a 2nd child, i want to do cloth with wool soakers… thanks or the tips ChrissyB!

There are some important points to remember when comparing diaper service to disposables in terms of cost. Diaper service diapers come to your door- no running to the store-and spending gas to get them. Since you don’t throw them away you save on garbage rates because you can actually get a smaller garbage can. Kids tend to potty train sooner in cloth because they learn not to like that wet feeling, disposales don’t feel very wet. So you hopefully you are diapering for a shorter length of time.
I used a diaper service with those velcro diaper wraps for my son. I washed my own for my daughter.

ETA: Also diaper service diapers save water because they wash so many toghether in efficient machines. -And they are very very clean- never saw a stain on any I used. When they get too old to use for diapers they are usually sold as rags to cleaning companies- so they are totally reused and recycled.

If you wash your own, the initial investment is minimal compared to always buying disposables and it costs less than diaper service too. But it is a bit more work. However, if you work out a system-specific diaper hamper with vinegar in it to cut the odor and plan on when and how you wash them it’s really not that much more effort.

so let me get this right its just a nappie u wash? right bit of a gross question what about solids? i mean u dont put that in the washer do you? they do look cute.

Diaper services usually say to just put it all in the diaper pail and they take care of it. I could never do that though. I dumped solid waste in the toilet before putting the diaper in the pail. If you do them at home you dump it then usually have to soak them. You wouldn’t want any of that in your home washer. :ick:

i know its better 4 the planet but i was very worried thanks jan. if homw washing what do you do? i mean the smell? and the gross stuff?

It’s been awhile since I had a baby in diapers but I bet you can search the web for how to wash diapers.
Anyway, I had a specific hamper for my daughter’s diapers. I recall I put white vinegar in it to cut the odor. Solid waste was dumped in the toilet. I think there are even devices you can by to hold on to the diaper so you can soak it in the toilet and then flush, but I never did that. I remember a few times having a really nasty diaper and rinsing it in the toilet bowl first before putting it in the hamper. Anyway, once you have a hamper full you put them in the wash on a pre-rinse cycle. Then you run them through on HOT. Some people might bleach-and the diaper service certainly does, but I never did-the same kid was using them. I would add vinegar to the rinse water too. Then pop them in the drier. In nice weather they can be hung on the clothes line. Sun light is naturally sanitizing-kills bacteria and yeast. Some people recommend regular degergents, which is what I used, others use dreft of ivory snow or other baby soaps-if a baby has senstive skin, different products may need to be tried.

I flushed solid waste and soaked them if they were bad. I had a diaper pail for diapers waiting for washing. Pre rinsing is a good idea for dirty ones, but I didn’t always do it for all of them. I did use bleach, hot water and often double rinsed. The first few months are the hardest because they use so many diapers, but they use less as they get older it seems.

If my daughters want to use cloth I’ll get them a 6 month diaper service GC to give it a try.

Further to my explanation - the Modern Cloth Diaper DOES NOT need soaking. You can buy an attachment called a Little Squirt which you use to spray on the diaper to wash solids down the toilet and then you put the diaper into the washing machine and hang it in the sun. There are no pins, no soaking and no special folds.They attach with velcro or snaps, depending on which style you get.

The child does not feel wet because the material draws the moisture away from the skin and the clothes don’t feel wet because the PUL material holds it in.

There really is no need to use those old fashioned cloth diapers anymore ladies! You should look into it, honestly, you will be amazed how times have changed!

I washed my diapers at home, and really it was not too difficult. I did a load of diapers every 2-3 days, so not too bad. I never really found I had smell issues. DH is sensitive to smells and the diapers bothered him once in awhile, but we kept the pail in the bathroom and really it wasn’t bad. As far as solid material, they make wonderful paper liners that flush, about the size of a piece of toilet paper and plop, right in to the toilet. If you breast feed thought no scraping nessisary, it washes right out. One of the things to consider about diaper services too is they use harsher detergents on their diapers because they are “community” so to speak, and some kids can be senstive to that. Anyway, here are some of my favorite sites/ ariticles for anyone interested. This one is good but be sure you read thrhough all 4 “scenes”. forums, reviews etc Bought most of my diapers here. Free sewing patterns for diapers, minimal skill required, very easy, addictive like knitting!

Although cloth diapering can be a big up from expense, they last through multiple kids and in the end are more cost effective than disposables over the span of one kid. Not to mention how much it helps to reduce stress on the environment. :cheering:

This may be true, but once my daughter had a bad diaper rash and when I mentioned it (not sure to whom anymore) the did some type of test or analyzed her diapers and changed their washing formulation. No more diaper rash!

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]First off, paper diapers aren’t disposable. They fill up landfills. They stay with the earth for a very long time.

I’ve used cloth diapers for over 30 years. All but two of my six grand kids are in cloth diapers.

The expense is so much less. For what many people pay for paper diapers in a month, we pay that in a year.

We have a large diaper pail in the bathroom where the changing table is. Diapers with solid waste gets soaked dirty side down in the toilet for awhile, then rinsed in the toilet while it’s flushing, and into the diaper pail.

We wash once a week. Dump the diaper pail in the washer, fill with hot water, add soap and bleach and agitate for five minutes. Then let soak for a few hours. Run through the wash cycle and rinse one extra time with vinegar. Vinegar removes soap residue and any odor that might be hanging around. Line dry or in the dryer.

I, of course, think cloth diapers are the best. Our costs are much less, the diapers make great cleaning rags when too ratty to use, and even those thrown away will disintegrate and not be a land fill issue.

sold! now i know it dose sound a bit gross but nappies are gross its just something you have to deal with. they look much cuter and there better for the planet and there isnt any real downsides i can see or am i missing something?

I have heard that these new diapers called G Diapers are absolutely amazing…they have reusable covers with FLUSHABLE LINERS! I am hoping to use them for my baby. Check them out!!! And if you don’t want to flush them, they biodegrade within 150 days. They are AWESOME!

I know a girl who uses them and she loves them.

i tried g-diapers… we had problems with them leaking at night on the sides and during her naps… i liked the biodegradability of the liners. I love how cute the covers are, and am planning on using them as covers for traditional cloth diapers next time. I actually still have an unopened package of the med/large size liners :teehee:

I’m so glad the cloth diaper hasn’t disappeared from use. I used a diaper service for both my children (my son had rash issues with disposables). We wanted to give a diaper service certificate to a friend who had given birth recently and Dy-Dee (the service we used) sadly is no longer listed in the phone book.

I still remember getting the delivery and those diapers turned up at my door each week warm just like they came straight from the dryer. I loved cloth diapers! The only way to go. I wasn’t knitting back then, but my mom used to make soakers for the babies.

I’m so glad ya’ll are still using cloth!! It’s making me feel all warm and teary.