Ready To Seam--please advise!

I’m about to do the side seams on my first ever garment (it’s a sweater vest). I’d love some preparatory advice!

Do I just mattress stitch these babies up, or do you recommend another method? How do I keep things neat and orderly?

Should I pin the pieces together to keep them even, would that even work?

Should I start at the armpit and work my way down or start at the bottom and work up to the pit?

Thanks in advance!

Definitely mattress stitch.

What you can do if you’re nervous is to match up the top, bottom and middle just to make sure you’re staying on track. I guess you could pin, but I usually tie yarn to attach the sides, mainly because it’s right there.

I always work from the bottom up so if there is a bit that isn’t even it ends up in the armpit.

Ingrid to the rescue, right on cue!
Thanks so much! :muah: