Ready to learn using dpns...what project though?

So I am ready to progress to using dpns. I was wondering which project you think will be the easiest for a beginer? Also, any tips youmay have would be appreciated!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

There are a couple things you could do. Wrist warmers would be easy and they are fairly popular right now. A hat would be fun. There are TONS of hat patterns. Some start out on DPN’s while others start on small circs and then transfer to DPN’s when the circumference gets too small for the circs. A tubular scarf can be done on DPN’s and would let you go round and round without worrying about too much fuss. And of course there are socks! I :heart: socks and do enjoy knitting them on DPN’s. They are easy to handle once you get used to how they shift around as you knit. Welcome to the world of knitting with many needles! (Oh, and remember despite having 4 or 5 needles going at a time, you are still only knitting with two needles at any given time!)

How about a nice little hat? Easy, quick and a great way to learn dpns.

For a beginner, I think socks may be a tad difficult. And hats involve some sort of pattern.

First project for double-pointed knitting? How about … a set of ankle warmers? Figure out how many stitches per inch you knit on those needles. Then figure out how many inches around you’d like your ankle warmers to be. Now multiply the number of stitches/inch by the number of inches and presto! A ball-park figure for your ankle warmers.

Divide that number of stitches by 3. Adjust the results so that each of your 3 needles will have an even number of stitches on it. Now cast on, do K1, P1 ribbing for, ummm, maybe 6-8 inches? However long you want your ankle warmers to be. Bind off. Weave in ends. Wear and enjoy!


I need hats for the baby giggle j/k

I would say for a first dpn project wrist warmers or ankle warmers. If you’re familiar with cabling on a flat project, then you can try Fetching (I’m working on it now). The pattern is here.

Good luck!

My first try with dpn was a pair of socks. Once you get the 1st sock the rest are relatively easy. It becomes great fun to try some of the amazing sock patterns out there.
Mittens might be a little easier and faster as well.