Ready to Felt my Booga Bag

Can someone tell me - can I put it in the washer with ANY load of clothes? or does it have to be jeans? Could it be towels? Do you put the I-cord in the same pillowcase with the bag? Or will they felt together? Could I use a lingerie bag instead of a pillowcase? And do you add detergent? Or just plain water? I think that’s all the questions! Thanks everyone!! :muah:

I’m not sure about the icord–I haven’t felted one, but you just need to have other things in the washer to provide friction. A lingerie bag would be fine–it doesn’t have to be a pillowcase. You can add a tiny bit of detergent, but I think the main influences on felting are low water, HOT water and lots of agitation.

That helps alot! I will just run it through with my towels and then when I take it out, I’ll re-wash my towels with detergent. I’m so EXCITED! I’m doing this when I get home!:happydance:

I think normal detergent for washing machines will help as soap is alkaline and makes the scales stand up and catch more. I would also use the pillowcase as some fibres might get out of the lingerie bag I suppose? Also the bag has more room to move inside a pillowcase. If it’s inside a bag towels would be fine, if you ever felt something without bagging it though, towels might get lint incorporated into the finished fabric.

Definitely don’t use a lingerie bag with towels! I put my i-cord in the lingerie bag and then spend 15 min cutting lint off of my cord. UGH!

But it’s done and I love the way it looks. I’ll take pics and post later! Thanks!!

[B]NO TOWELS WITH FELTING![/B] Sorry to yell, but my experience is that towels leave unwanted, unsightly, impossible to remove lint! :waah:DON’T USE TOWELS!

You don’t actually need to add anything. And I have felted I-cord and put it in a lingerie bag. Worked GREAT!:cheering:

Sorry about the lint! :pout:

But…the rest is very exciting, Julie! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Can’t wait to see pics! :thumbsup: